13 09 2012

MARSHALL-Colorful pendant with Bling!

Ellen Marshall creates one-of-a-kind and limited-edition contemporary art jewelry featuring polymer clay.  She is inspired by art quilts, ceramics, graphic arts, and color.  Ceramic influences led her to explore surface design on polymer clay.   Ellen’s book, Polymer Clay Surface Design Recipes, published by Quarry, presents many of the surface techniques she has developed.  She is published in other books and magazines including Step By Step Beads and PolymerCafe.

Ellen is the founder and former chair of the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild and a  past president of the National Polymer Clay Guild, now International Polymer Clay Guild.  She was honored at IPCG’s first Synergy Conference with a life-time membership. She is  proficient in several beadweaving stitches such as peyote, herringbone, and right-angle weave and is now working on designing jewelry that incorporates both polymer and seed bead weaving.   She teaches polymer clay and beading crafts with the goal of inspiring others to discover and explore new directions in their art.

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  • ELLEN MARSHALL Color, Surface Treatment, and A Little Bling  (Pre-conference)      Fri. 15 Feb.

In this one-day class you’ll create a sumptuously colorful pendant made extraordinary with the addition of a simple beaded accent.  You’ll be introduced to using acrylic dyes on polymer clay to produce a ceramic-like surface design.  Experience with beadweaving is helpful, but not required to make the beaded accent.


7 09 2012

CELORIOS ACEVES – Blooming Flower Disc

Whew!  Trying to keep up and cover all the bases is exhausting, but so worth it!  Thanks for your patience.  Now, on to the rest of the instructors for CFCF 2013.
Rosa Martha Celorio was born in Mexico City.  Studied History of Art and even if she didn’t work as an art historian,  her life has always been connected with art and creativity.  She began her career as a make up artist for the media and changed to jewelry making and teaching. She is a master Art Clay instructor and a certified PMC Artisan.  She was one of the few instructors invited to attend the first New Mokume Gane course at the Aida Chemicals headquarters in Japan. Teaching is one of her passions and she is the director of education of Art Clay Mexico. Her articles and work  have been featured in  renowned publications such as Art Jewelry and Metal Clay Artist Magazine.   She lives in Mexico City and teaches nationally and internationally.
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ROSA MARTHA CELORIO ACEVES – Appliquéd Bisque Bead Pendant (Pre-conference)

Sun. 17 Feb

Rosa Martha brings us her metal clay expertise from her home in Mexico City.  In this workshop you will learn how to create a silver pendant using a bisque bead as a core. You will be playing with different forms of silver clay and different techniques to create a unique appliquéd pendant. Techniques you will learn include: Preparing and covering the bisque beads with paste, extruding silver clay tubes and using them as bails, seemless joining, working with silver paper, combining simple shapes to create more complex shapes, using the syringe, firing in a kiln and refiring with a torch, polishing, how to apply the patina to obtain an antique look.


6 09 2012

Marie will be teaching two 4-hour workshops at CFCF 2013.  She started on her creative journey with oil paints at the age of 10, after

SEGAL – Between the Space Canes

working with crayons, paints, and puzzles. Her love of crafts began with doing craft projects with her mother and watching her family do the hands-on work, turning each of their homes into beautiful living spaces.

Later, she began working with ceramics and learned much from some brilliant teachers at a progressive high school.  She was encouraged by her parents and continued to explore while working a “regular” day job. She met her husband, Howard, at one of her jobs and they continued their artistic pursuits together… he becoming her cheerleader.

Marie began creating with polymer and she and Howard coined it the “new age” modeling medium. They started selling their products, doing shows, swap meets, and home shows and teaching others how to use it. She had a thriving gift business with employees and her work was in showrooms on 5th avenue in New York and Los Angeles, selling to Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Bullock’s and the Icing, just to name a few. She believes this helped move polymer clay in to the mainstream view.

Marie works primarily with Cernit polymer clay and loves its color palette, consistency, finish, hardness, and the extreme durability after baking. The porcelain effect of the clay reminds her she has come full circle from working with ceramics. This change has expanded her creative abilities beyond her expectations and opened new areas that she believes might not have happened without the change.

Marie still makes, writes, sells, teaches, and operates several on line store with her husband, Howard, and spends as much time as possible with her grand children.  In her words, “my life is good!!!”

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  • MARIE SEGAL – SHADEPLAY CANING (4-hour workshop)     □ Tues. 8:00AM

SEGAL-Shadeplay samples

For those sculptors or beginning clayers who want to learn about caning, this class is for you.  Marie will teach you about creating beautifully shaded canes using the skinner blend.

You will learn about many ways to use and  play with them in your designs including numerous ways of laying out your design.Specific canes to be made are the spotted shaded cane and translucent shaded cane.    NOTE: This workshop will be taught only once during CFCF 2013.

  • MARIE SEGAL- BETWEEN THE SPACE CANES (4-hour workshop)   □  Wed. 8:00AM

Marie will present this 4-hour class on cutting, re-assembling, and distorting a shaded cane that will give you the image of painted slabs or slices. These slices can be used for petals, coverables, and for applying and enhancing other pieces of your work. They can even be combined into other canes. They have a somewhat fabric like feel to them and at certain stages in the construction can be made in to sheets of faux fabric.

We will build the primary cane, add, cut, hack, and insert components and you will walk away with at least one star brooche. She will also show you how to design and develop other canes, apply canes to forms, and build other unique designs and petals. NOTE: This workshop will be taught only once during CFCF 2013.



5 09 2012

Just in case you’ve been wondering, I somehow managed to get myself locked out of this blog…don’t ask me how.  I am just grateful

ROBERTS BENZON – Glazed Stoneware Beads

that I was finally able to return to bring you more instructor offerings for CFCF 2013!  Welcome!

Jana Roberts Benzon emerged onto the polymer scene nearly ten years ago with a distinctive milefiori style all her own. We at CFCF are pleased to have her return yet again, teaching both a pre-conference as well as a 4-hour conference workshop.  She has worked in several different media throughout her creative life, but her focus turned to polymer clay when she discovered its limitless creative potential.  She has been a slave to polymer clay ever since, creating detailed, intricate work from an intuitive, emotional and very personal ‘place’.    From those canes, Jana loves creating interesting, dimensional jewelry pieces often evocative of Arabic or old world designs.  While she’ll never leave the geometric symmetry of caning, these days she’s having a great time exploring the world of organic forms.  Jana teaches workshops internationally, and has been published in numerous online and print media articles and features.   She has received awards in several competitions and sells her work through art galleries. She lives and creates in the shadows of the majestic Wasatch Mountain Range of Utah.

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  • JANA ROBERTS BENZON  – GLAZED STONEWARE BEADS (Pre-conference)   Sat. 16 Feb.

You’ve long been asking for this workshop, and so Jana is happy to be able to finally introduce it as a pre-conference workshop to Cabin Fever Clay Festival 2013!   You’ll begin this workshop by learning to create “sleight of hand”, interesting (and head-scratch inducing!) bead shapes, and then perform the magic required to turn them into convincing faux stoneware (so convincing, she has had ceramic artists think they were the real thing ).   Join Jana for some free-flowing-faux fun as we experiment with colors, shapes and finishes, while learning new skill sets to add to your polymer-knowledge arsenal!


ROBERTS BENZON – Wruffled Whimsy

Oh boy, is this stuff ever fun!  This brand new style of Jana’s seems custom made for fluttery, whimsical earrings that change appearance as their wearer moves.   While this technique is conducive to pendants, brooches and other décor, we’ll focus on making earrings in varying styles and colors.   Be among the first to experience this uber-fun workshop, and join Jana for an out of the box learning experience!


28 08 2012
Doreen is another instructor who returns to Cabin Fever Clay Fest, bringing her colorful imagination and characters to share.  She

GAY-KASSEL – Ganesha Tryptich

began her career in illustration and design and then found another love in polymer clay.  She creates her fanciful creatures made of polymer and paper clay, found objects, wire, glitter, and paint. She looks forward to working in her studio every day and feels fortunate to be able to create her whimsical characters.

Her inspiration comes from her love of  E.H. Shepard (The Wind in the Willows illustrator), the Brothers Grimm, William Holbrook Beard, vintage toys and wonderful books of her youth.
Her many years as a children’s book illustrator has also given her inspiration to grow her characters.  She crafts each creature and tile story out of polymer and multiple coats of oil paints, giving them attitude and emotion. Her images have been used for books, magazines, toys, puzzles, posters, greeting cards, Christmas ornaments and textiles, with clients ranging from National Geographic, Unicef and the Smithsonian to HBO, People and Newsweek magazines.   She creates her quirky creatures in her Hopewell, New Jersey studio/storefront.

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  • DOREEN GAY-KASSELL – GANESHA TRIPTYCH (Pre-conference)   Sat. 16 Feb. 

Create an iconic object of art out of polymer. In this class we transform a pre-made wooden triptych; we’ll wrap the wood with a thin veneer of polymer and then sculpt the image of Ganesha extending onto the three panels. The sculpting process is broken down into simple steps and she always circulates through the classroom, helping each student individually, so that even if you’re not a sculptor this is a perfectly doable piece! After the image and decorative elements are sculpted and baked, the piece is painted with burnt umber oil paint, which is rubbed off and then colored oil paints are applied and wiped off to achieve a subtle, vintage feel. Ganesh is revered as the Remover of Obstacles and Lord of Beginnings, patron of arts and sciences, and the dIva of intellect and wisdom.


KASSEL -BIRD AND BEAST ORNAMENTSIn this workshop, you’ll create your favorite avian & or four legged creatures in this workshop. Using simple sculpting techniques you’ll make your own flock of birds, pack of dogs, warren of rabbits, any beast of your choice! Sculpted over glass ornaments with polymer, the technique is full of texture and surface embellishment. After the ornament is sculpted, it’s baked, painted & rubbed with multiple coats of oil paints to achieve a vintage feel.
No worries if you don’t consider yourself a sculptor, she’ll break down the process into reasonable steps. Her students have been thrilled with their creations even if they were a little unsure about sculpting. NOTE: This workshop will only be taught once during CFCF 2013.


24 08 2012

Laura was born in Argentina and moved with her family to USA in 1989.  Although her background is in Architecture, she favored art.


After exploring several media, she discovered Fiber Arts which appealed to her because of its tactile quality, variety of textures and colors. In 1995, Laura began making jewelry with polymer clay, becoming attracted to its vivid colors, its dimensionality and the diversity of effects and textures she can accomplish with it. Visit her Flickr site here.

More recently, she began combining her fiber and polymer clay interests in mixed media sculptures and installations. She is particularly interested in process and exploring different approaches to materials and feels more comfortable working in three dimensions, using basic forms evocative of nature and primitive cultures. Time touches, alters and decays things. Seeing the marks of the passing of time moves her and tries to include these marks into the work.

She is a studio artist and teacher who exhibits and sells her work through galleries and juried art shows nationally and internationally. She is a member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, the International Polymer Clay Association, the Pittsburgh Polymer Clay Guild, where she is currently the president, and the Fiberarts Guild ofPittsburghwhere she is in charge of exhibitions and was co-director for the Fiberart International 2004 exhibition.

Laura’s work has been featured in several publications: 400 Polymer Clay Designs– Lark Books, Polymer Clay Creative Traditions, Polymer Clay Color Inspirations, and Polymer CAFÉ magazine.  Laura also won the Best of Show Award in the 2010 Progress and Possibilities, a Competition organized by the IPCA, and Best of Show at the 2009 AnnualART+TECHExhibition – Pittsburgh Technology Council with a computerized polymer clay piece.

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  • LAURA TABAKMAN – POLYMER AND WIRE EARRINGS (4-hour workshop)   Mon. 8:00AM/Wed. 1:00PM

TABAKMAN-Polymer and Wire Earrings

In this class students will design a collection of earrings.  We will be working on developing a vocabulary of simple elements constructed with polymer and wire. We will embed the wire into each polymer element therefore becoming an integral part of the design, at the same time using it as its structure and visual element. If time permits several configurations will be finished in class. This class is suitable for students of all levels. Start developing your color palette!


23 08 2012


In 2008, we were pleased to have Iris join us as an attendee at the very first Cabin Fever Clay Fest.  In 2013, Iris will be returning to CFCF as one of our dear friends and an international  instructor from Israel.   She has always been attracted to art, fashion design, graphic design and in 2005, became captivated by the charms of Polymer Clay.  As the story goes, she was hooked!  She’s created an incredible business venture in Israel with fans all around the world.  She develops unique tutorials and publishes a blog, providing current info and highlighting beautiful polymer work and techniques from artists around the world.  We welcome  Iris back and can’t wait to see the fun she brings with her!

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  • IRIS MISHLY – SKYSCRAPER AND FLAKES (Pre-conference)    Full day 9AM – 5PM  Sun. 17 Feb.

MISHLY – Flakes Earrings

Iris Mishly joins us all the way from Israel to teach her unique liquid polymer clay techniques. In this workshop, you will create two projects and learn some of the best ways to use liquid polymer clay.  You will create exquisite, irresistible designs that people won’t believe are polymer.

In the special “liquidly” edition the students will learn “The Skyscraper Technique”, with special 3-D effects, metallic and glowing optical illusions.  In addition, you will learn the “Flakes” Technique with DiscChic metal blanks, curing and stringing the discs into a necklace or an earring set.

  • IRIS MISHLY – BROCADE HEMISPHERE (4-hour workshop)   □ Mon. 1:00PM/Wed. 8:00AM

MISHLY – Hemispheres Brocade Purse

The Brocade collection is an innovative design which was inspired by fashion. In this workshop, we will mix media and combine techniques, developing intriguing shapes and patterns as the focus of this class.

You will learn how to create this unusual mixed media project which can be transformed into unlimited designs. Each student will create a 5 cm round “Brocade Collection” purse from start to finish, including all components: polymer clay, decoration and zipper.

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