11 04 2016

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Doreen Kassel first came to teach with us 4 years ago.  Since then, she has developed her work into a true art of “what can I do with some white clay?”  Her fans and students continue to be enamored with her work.  I particularly love her rabbit characters – have you seen them on the NYC subway?

The workshops she is offering at Master Class Camp are no different.  She has taken a step in another direction with the cubist approach…looking forward to seeing where this leads her.  And her botanicals have developed even more with blooms and buds.

Interested?  You can register for her class and others by downloading the registration form here.

CFCAF 2015: 4 DAYS TIL COLLABORATION – Artists working together

8 02 2015

Collaboration in many fields is the key to success.  So it is in our world as well.  This year, we have two collaborative teams to choose from.

Karen and Ann Mitchell

Karen and Ann Mitchell

Ann and Karen Mitchell are the first and  have been collaborating since they were children…they are sisters after all.  Together, they created ANKARA Designs over two decades ago and their success lies in their ability to create new work.  Their inspiration comes from all around them and they will be sharing their focus in two workshops at Cabin Fever next week.

The first is their full-day workshop on Friday, 13 Feb., is about Engineering and Design in Jewelry Construction. Together, they create each piece to be as unique as they are and they will share their tricks and tips with you on putting your components together into a spectacular piece.

Their second offering is a 2-hour mini-workshop on Monday night, Feb. 16, from 7-9.  In this brief time, Ann and Karen will talk with you about ways to get out of that creative rut and find your unique style and inspiration. Both workshops still have availability.  You can also register onsite for the 2-hour minis.



The second collaborative team we’d like to look at is Nan Roche and Marie Segal.  They’ve known each other for years, but it wasn’t until 2013 that they decided to collaborate on a teaching venture.  It worked!  So they are back again in 2015 teaching their polymer take on Bauhaus design on Friday, 13 Feb. I can guarantee never a dull moment in this workshop and so many ways to apply the technique.  Openings still available.


30 10 2014


Ok, ok, so probably not the best idea to write and post at 4AM, but hey, I had the time just then.  Should have realized that a mistake was inevitable.  So, dates now correct and moving onward.

Registration is now officially open for Cabin Fever Creative Arts Fest 2015, now in our 8th year, and boy, did we have a great start!  We had more hits than ever on our blog  for one day- nearly 900.  Pretty impressive everyone!  Thanks for the support and encouragement to keep this event going.

I also can’t say enough about the quality of instructors we’ve had over the years, from the seasoned professionals to the aspiring instructors, they have all delivered their very best for you, our audience and supporters.  This year will not disappoint.  Take a look at the offerings and email me with any questions you may have.  Don’t miss your chance to join us.

Just CLICK ON THIS LINK to take you to the registration form.



11 10 2012


Tommie Howell is an award winning sculptor who resides in Connecticut.  While having no formal art education, he credits his Junior High School art teacher with instilling the desire to create things out of blobs of color or lumps of clay.  “I’ve always doodled, drawn, painted, and played around with art, but it wasn’t until my grad school roommate foisted (forced) a Sculpey III sampler pack on me in the 90’s that I found that thing for which I had been searching.”  Tommie admits that sculpting didn’t exactly come to him naturally, but it was something that he wanted to do badly enough to stick with it.

Stuck with it he has, and has made a name in the polymer clay and sculpting communities.  He has won awards for his figurative sculpture on both the national and local levels, his work has been shown in places from local galleries to the Bead Museum in Washington DC.  “I used to write more than I sculpted.  I still get emails from people who find old articles I had written about polymer clay safety or artistic ethics.  Finally I won a best in show award at a CHA event some years ago and was happy to be recognized for something other than having a big mouth.” Tommie has also taught in many venues around the country and we are pleased to have him join us at CFCF 2013.

Tommie lives and works with fellow artist Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg and her family.  They share together in the care for three highly eccentric canines and a couple of small rodents.  When not sculpting, teaching or assisting Lynne Ann, Tommie likes to keep up on current events, watch horror movies, and prepare for the zombie apocalypse.  His favorite quote is “Hold on a minute, I have to get some heads out of the oven.”

******   Download registration forms here and detailed workshop information here. ******

TOMMIE HOWELL – “I’VE BEEN FRAMED!” (4-hour workshop)       Sun. 6:30PM

HOWELL – Old Woman Face

In this workshop, students will be provided with a proportional blank face that they will build upon to create their own one of a kind sculpted face that will double as both a framed wall hanging or table top ornament and a piece of wearable art.  Students will learn basic art anatomy of the face and how to combine basic shapes into a complex, hand sculpted finished product.  All skill levels are welcome.  The workshop will not only produce a finished sculpt but will also provide techniques that can be used and built upon for many future projects.  The instructor will have a variety of sculpting tools to loan during class and for sale in the store.  Students are encouraged to bring any sculpting tools they own and while optional a pasta machine can be helpful for certain tasks.  All clay will be provided by Polyform.  Class will include a detailed handout that will cover not only the steps involved in the class but information on anatomy, tools, and a list of recommended products and suppliers to be used if the student chooses to further pursue sculpting as part of their polymer clay art. As each piece is one of a kind, photos provided are representative of what can be created and not meant to show exactly what will be made in the class.  NOTE: This workshop will only be taught once during CFCF 2013.


9 10 2012



Lindly’s roots go way back in the polymer clay world, which is one of the reasons she was selected in early 2012 to receive the Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award at CFCF’s February 2013 Conference in Laurel, MD.  Lindly is a founding member of the Potomac Polymer Clay Guild as well as the National Polymer Clay Guild.  She began teaching workshops way back in 1990 and continues to enjoy traveling around the world to lecture and inspire other artists.

Lindly Haunani

Her passion for food and cooking (I’ve heard she is a gourmet chef) provide a basis for her inspiration and is often expressed via color, construction techniques and form.  Her work is part of the permanent collections of the Racine Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Newark Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Meinge International Museum in San Diego. She has a BFA in Printmaking from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

She is co-author of two books, the first with Pierrette Ashcroft,  Artist’s at Work: Polymer Clay Comes of Age and her latest book  Color Inspirations with Maggie Maggio.   Color Inspirations has quickly become the color reference manual for the polymer community and artists working in other mediums. She has starred in several video workshops and has been featured in numerous polymer and arts magazines, including Bead and Button Magazine.  Her work has appeared in more than fifty invitational and juried shows and was awarded the prestigious Niche Award in 2009.

At CFCF 2013, she is teaching a two-day Masterclass on Friday and Saturday, February 15-16, 2013 and two 4-hour workshops during the conference.  A special celebration will take place on Tuesday evening to celebrate her career and contributions to the creative world.  Come celebrate with us in February and honor Lindly.

******   Download registration forms here and detailed workshop information here. ******

LINDLY HAUNANI – Translucent Innovations – Exploring Folded Bead Forms (2-day pre-conference) Intermediate to advanced skill level (or confident beginner)

Master the art of designing and mixing scintillating vibrant and clear color palettes using translucent polymer clay. You will begin by making your own personalized translucent mix color swatch deck that will be used as a reference to create your personalized palette.
Lindly will guide you step by step as you make a set of color-coordinated canes that will feature both translucent clay blends and opaque accents. You will then use your canes to explore several different interlocking folded bead forms.
You will then choose- just one bead form or several? Alternating color or gradated color? Add something to your mix from the group “pool” or not? Once you make your beads for your necklace, you will learn how to make an embedded matching toggle clasp and learn about options for stringing your folded bead necklace.  Come prepared to have fun, laugh, and learn new approaches to working with polymer clay while increasing your color confidence.- And leave with a stunning, folded bead necklace.

HAUNANI – Bodacious Bubbles

LINDLY HAUNANI – Bodacious Bubbles: Keepsake Blade Holder (4-hour workshop) All Skill Levels   Mon. 1:00PM/Tues. 8:00AM

Lindly will share some of her insights into polymer clay color mixing and strategies for intensifying; de-saturating and/or skewing your rainbow Skinner blends. To help aid in your decision there will be dozens of samples on hand. Some of the possibilities include: going “gold”, softening the contrasts, pumping up the neon, cooling the look or adding warmth.

Using two specially prepared Skinner Blends you will learn how to make a laminate sheet of this dramatic textile inspired pattern. You will then make a magnetic, laced hinge blade cover = useful memento of color mixing possibilities and a 2013 Cabin Fever Clay Fest Keepsake.



13 09 2012

MARSHALL-Colorful pendant with Bling!

Ellen Marshall creates one-of-a-kind and limited-edition contemporary art jewelry featuring polymer clay.  She is inspired by art quilts, ceramics, graphic arts, and color.  Ceramic influences led her to explore surface design on polymer clay.   Ellen’s book, Polymer Clay Surface Design Recipes, published by Quarry, presents many of the surface techniques she has developed.  She is published in other books and magazines including Step By Step Beads and PolymerCafe.

Ellen is the founder and former chair of the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild and a  past president of the National Polymer Clay Guild, now International Polymer Clay Guild.  She was honored at IPCG’s first Synergy Conference with a life-time membership. She is  proficient in several beadweaving stitches such as peyote, herringbone, and right-angle weave and is now working on designing jewelry that incorporates both polymer and seed bead weaving.   She teaches polymer clay and beading crafts with the goal of inspiring others to discover and explore new directions in their art.

******   Download registration forms here and detailed workshop information here. ******

  • ELLEN MARSHALL Color, Surface Treatment, and A Little Bling  (Pre-conference)      Fri. 15 Feb.

In this one-day class you’ll create a sumptuously colorful pendant made extraordinary with the addition of a simple beaded accent.  You’ll be introduced to using acrylic dyes on polymer clay to produce a ceramic-like surface design.  Experience with beadweaving is helpful, but not required to make the beaded accent.


7 09 2012

CELORIOS ACEVES – Blooming Flower Disc

Whew!  Trying to keep up and cover all the bases is exhausting, but so worth it!  Thanks for your patience.  Now, on to the rest of the instructors for CFCF 2013.
Rosa Martha Celorio was born in Mexico City.  Studied History of Art and even if she didn’t work as an art historian,  her life has always been connected with art and creativity.  She began her career as a make up artist for the media and changed to jewelry making and teaching. She is a master Art Clay instructor and a certified PMC Artisan.  She was one of the few instructors invited to attend the first New Mokume Gane course at the Aida Chemicals headquarters in Japan. Teaching is one of her passions and she is the director of education of Art Clay Mexico. Her articles and work  have been featured in  renowned publications such as Art Jewelry and Metal Clay Artist Magazine.   She lives in Mexico City and teaches nationally and internationally.
******   Download registration forms here and detailed workshop information here. ******

ROSA MARTHA CELORIO ACEVES – Appliquéd Bisque Bead Pendant (Pre-conference)

Sun. 17 Feb

Rosa Martha brings us her metal clay expertise from her home in Mexico City.  In this workshop you will learn how to create a silver pendant using a bisque bead as a core. You will be playing with different forms of silver clay and different techniques to create a unique appliquéd pendant. Techniques you will learn include: Preparing and covering the bisque beads with paste, extruding silver clay tubes and using them as bails, seemless joining, working with silver paper, combining simple shapes to create more complex shapes, using the syringe, firing in a kiln and refiring with a torch, polishing, how to apply the patina to obtain an antique look.

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