About The Artist and Her Events

This is the creative blog for the Cabin Fever Creative Arts Fest, Master Class Camp, and Creative Fiber/Mixed Media Arts Fest events.  These events were initially started by me, artist and instructor, Kathryn Ottman, to bring together artists, both national and international, to share their talents and knowledge in polymer, metal clay, mixed media, beading, fiber arts, and book arts.  Through these bi-annual events, I am able to bring awareness to and raise funds for select local and national non-profit organizations serving populations in need. Children, wounded military, and cancer patients benefited through silent auctions of art pieces donated by artists of all mediums.

These events have allowed me to combine my passions for teaching and philanthropy into a creative package.  In addition to my full-time work as a development professional and event planner for non-profit organizations, I found time for my other passions.  From 2003 to 2013, I worked part-time as an adjunct instructor with the National Park Service Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture.  I also found time to teach a Summer Investigators program at the Beauvoir School where I combined art and science for those inquisitive young campers.  On occasion, I taught workshops for the Enrichment program at Strathmore and in the after-school Enrichment Program for Lowell School.  My most cherished experience was at Children’s National Medical Center – teaching children who were hospitalized for chronic illnesses, including cancer and sickle cell anemia.

Come join me at one of my fun and enlightening events and help me do what I do best – help others!

48 responses

10 09 2008
Barbara McGuire

Hello Katherine,

I’d like to be added to your list of contacts and receive information about your ‘Fests’! I am a little ‘out of the loop’ in just finding this wonderful resource recently, but the polymer clay talents always amaze me with ‘goings on’……..All the best, I look forward to attending one of your retreats.

Most Sincerely,
Barbara McGuire

10 09 2008

Hello, Barbara. We’d love to have you! We’ve got other events in the works…perhaps we’ll even have you teach! Welcome!

16 09 2008

Hello—I would like to know where to get more info on your events……where they are, when, how much & where to sign up?! Thanks.

Toni Baxter

16 09 2008
Rachel Kindon

Sounds interesting, would like information any on any and all fests. My goal is to get to one in 2009. Love our local guild , here in Florida.

17 09 2008
Ed Riall

Hi Kathryn.
I do have a suggestion please. If there is some way to encourage the instructors to get their supply list for there clay class. It would be of a great service for us students. The holiday times will be rolling in very shortly. Those of us with gift lists may want some of our supplies to be on the top of that gift list. Not to mention Gas cards, gift cards for the Holiday Inn or even Out back Steak Hose. Some of us do gift exchange at work, what a better gift of a “polymer clay care basket” what I mean are those easy things for a non clayer to shop for. Paper towels, baby whip’s, alcohol, coffee straws, drinking straws,corn starch. Any of those things that are not that expensive put are sure needs on a PC week end. Maybe a goody basket of peanuts, dried fruit, alittle of you favorite chocolates, breath mints, protean bars, energy drinks all of those little thing that would make you holiday a little more comfortable.

I have more ideas on how to get our loved ones to help with a gift that could give a lot more.


19 09 2008
Harriet Russell

The instructors, and classes are so wonderful, I hope there is some other site that has more info. because I’m really confused. I see a 2008 calendar with hypertext about a class, yet elsewhere on the site there is a date of Feb. 2009, with the same list of instructors. I also don’t see any specifics about the exact location, or fees.
Sorry if I’ve missed something obvious. …Harriet

P.S. Ed, where do you buy your baby whips? (I know, I know, it’s a typo, but I couldn’t resist.) :o)

22 09 2008
Ed Riall

Hi Kathryn,

Wait a minute that doesn’t sound nice. sorry……

BUT I keep checking everyday to see what’s happening here. With every picture and description you post on the blog my blood pressure goes up. I want to register, I need to make reservations, what supplies, witch teachers aaawwwwww…….

This old man needs to chill. 2008 was so great and 2009 I bet will be even better. Keep up the great work you do for us.


27 09 2008
Ed Riall

Hi Harriet,

We have this store down town called “Mini Mart”. I thought I’d give it a try. I was able to get baby corn for dinner and mini pumpkins to decorated the table with and i found the “baby whips” in the hardware department I thought I could use them for fly swatters or away to texture clay.

I fell you have to keep your eyes open to new things.

Have a good one.
Ed 🙂

30 09 2008
Linda Neff

Can’t seem to find info on location for your events. They sound and interesting and the work is lovely–but Where???


30 09 2008

Hi, Linda. All of the info is on the registration form. The event will be held in Laurel, MD, about 20 minutes from Baltimore and 30 minutes from Washington, DC.

7 10 2008
Ed Riall


How about a mask contest. I would be glad to put together a few rules and coordinate this for the last night at the party.

Just a thought

30 12 2008
Gloria C. Kirk

I have no details about the clay fest to begin in January. I need inclusive dates, location, time, cost, etc., etc. Thanks

30 12 2008


Please follow this link https://polymerclayfests.wordpress.com/2008/12/28/ to download the registration form with costs and to learn about what each instructor is teaching so you can register your choices. Thanks.

7 01 2009
teri walters

can I still send in my registration for the Cabin Fever Fest?

I just read about it and would really like to attend!!!

9 01 2009

Hi, Teri. Yes, you can still register. Click the registration tab at the top of the page and it will take you to the page with the registration forms and instructors’ schedules. Hope to see you here!

27 01 2010
Bridget Downey

I have just learned that I will need a roomate for CFCF and Synergy II.
I have a room for CFCF and just need a roomate.
For Synergy II, I need someone with a room who needs a roomate.
I only snore quietly, don’t smoke, throw wild parties in the room, or wear noxious fragrances. All in all, I’m fairly easy to get along with.

If you need a roomate, have a room to share, or know of someone who might be a good fit, please let me know.

Thanks a bunch, Bridget

30 01 2010

Bridget, I have posted this info to the Yahoo group as well so hopefully you will get some response. Good luck!

10 04 2010
Marina Rivon

Hi, do you have any idea when and where the CFCF 2011 will be held? I live in Puerto Rico and would LOVE to go but have to make all sorts of arrangements $$$ to be able to get there so it would really help to know that info. This year I made it to Synergy2 but had not heard of CFCF. Definitely want to make it next year.

Thank you, Marina

12 08 2010

Hello, Marina. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you, but life has been crazy lately…my son was born 2 months early! Regarding CFCF 2011, it will be held in Laurel, Maryland from 18-23 February. We don’t have the roster yet, but it will be a great line-up for hands-on classes as usual. You can email me at cabinfeverclayfestival@yahoo.com and join the yahoo group (see front page of this blog) to join. We hope to see you there and bring some of your friends! Feel free to ask any questions along the way, and make some suggestions.

Kathryn Ottman, founder and organizer, Polymer Clay and Creative Arts Fests

16 05 2010

good morning, my name is Alexander Esenarro, im from Medellin, Colombia, im sculptor, i wanna to participate in polymer clay fests, is it possible? can i be in polymer clay fests showing my work?

my blog:www.claycaricatures.blogspot.com

thank you very much

Alexander esenarro

12 08 2010

Hello, Alexander. You can attend the event and show your work in the store for a 25% commission. the registration form is up…hope you can make it!

27 08 2010


Could you tell me, is this also for the VERY MUCH A BEGINNER person, the ‘fest’ of four days?
I don’t want to be joining into a group of advanced ‘creators’ and hindering anything!))

Thanks, Marijo

30 08 2010

Hello, Marijo. Yes, this is for a beginner up to intermediate clayers. Come join in the fun!

25 09 2010
Pam Blizzard

Is there a schedule of which classes are being taught and when? I cannot make the entire event and would like to see which classes will be available to me.
Thank you!

26 09 2010

hello, Pam. Yes, there is a schedule and if you come on Sat. and Sunday, you will still be able to take classes from all instructors. But you must get your registration in as soon as possible. To register for the Polymer Clay and Creative Arts Fest in Weston, Wisconsin, 21-24 Oct., please click on the registration link above to download the registration forms and get them in as soon as possible. Registration deadline is 10 October 2010. Email me at cabinfeverclayfestival@yahoo.com for additional information! Kathryn

20 12 2010
Dakotah Flannery (dlakotaqh

Can you tell me if Mr. Dever’s pre-conference class is full? I cannot come to the entire conference because of school obligations but would like to take his class and maybe volunteer for Saturday since he is not teaching that day.

Thank you for your time in getting back to me. dlakotaqh

3 01 2011


Mr. Dever’s class still has openings if you’d like to attend. Get your registration in as soon as possible and we’ll put you on the list. Looking forward to meeting you in Feb.

22 11 2011
Penny of earthlyjewels

Hi there..I am a beginner/intermediate clay artist from the Philippines and belong to a local clay guild. I was interested in taking classes/workshops on polymer clay techniques. Do you accept international registrants in your clayfests?

Thanks…looking forward to attending one of your events in 2012.


23 11 2011

Hello, Penny. Thanks for your message. Yes, the event is considered an “international” event because we’ve had attendees from come from all over the world. Just download the registration form, fill it in, scan it and email a .pdf to cabinfeverclayfestival@yahoo.com. Or, send it via snail mail. Regarding payment, probably better to send via paypal. See you in Feb.!

16 09 2012
Tina Holden

Just signed up for the blog notifications. These Fests look like a LOT of fun! Great to have found you through Facebook.

18 09 2012

Tina, so happy to have you here as well. This will be our 6th year and we have two Canadians returning from last year. We’ve had attendees from as far away as Mexico, Alaska, and Australia last year! It’s a hands-on event with some demos thrown in and we honor one of our fellow artists each year. Hope you can work it out to attend sometime!

15 05 2013
Elizabeth Adams

I would love to come to your Clay Fest this summer but I’m not sure if Maureen Carlson’s class is full. I’m coming from Toronto and can only attend the two days that Maureen is teaching. Can I send my registration form to you first and then send the paypal payment as soon as you let me know if there is room in the class so there isn’t a problem with refunds? What do you think?
Elizabeth A.

15 05 2013

Hello, Elizabeth. Yes, there is room in Maureen’s class and we’d love to have you. Payment by Paypal is fine…just pay the PP fee along with your class fees and you are all set. Send the registration form via snail mail or as a .pdf in an email. Looking forward to meeting you in July!

10 07 2013
Audrey Warrn

I’d like to attend Lindly Haunani’s class on 7/28-29/2013 – are there any openings? Thank you –


10 07 2013

Audrey, yes, there is still space available.

20 02 2014
Heba Barazi


Are you planning another one of your wonderful summer camps this year?


28 03 2014

Hello, Heba! Yes…registration is opening tonight! Looking forward to seeing you again and hearing about your travels.

30 06 2015
Susan Higgins

How long are the classes?

2 07 2015

Susan, all of the Master Class workshops are 2 days long, beginning at 8:30AM and ending at 5:30 PM each day.

2 07 2015
Barbara Leonard

What time do the classes start??

2 07 2015

Barbara, classes start at 8:30 AM and end at 5:30PM with 1 1/2 hours for lunch.

3 04 2016
Debi Souther

Would love updates as they become available.

6 04 2016

Will we be notified that our application has been received?

7 04 2016

Hello, Jeanette. Yes, you will. I am working on that the next two days and I will tell you now that yours arrived. Looking forward to seeing you in June! In the meantime, you can make your hotel reservation here: http://doubletree.hilton.com/en/dt/groups/personalized/B/BWILMDT-MCP-20160616/index.jhtml?WT.mc_id=POG

19 04 2016
Susan Higgins

I signed up for the Robert Dancik fold forming class about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I hope to receive my confirmation soon. I always worry about things getting lost in the mail and I really want to take this class.

15 05 2017

Hi, I was wondering where the classes are held. I don’t see an address. Thanks!

15 05 2017

Laurel, Maryland between Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. Nearest airport is BWI.

15 05 2017


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