12 06 2017


Summer is upon us and many plans are in place.  For those attending MCC, we are so pleased and looking forward to having both Kathleen Dustin and Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg with us later this month for some intensive creative workshops.  There are still spaces available in Lynne Ann’s Butterfly Wing and Filigree workshops and Kathleen’s Big Bead workshop.  In this day of technology, we remind artists that there is no comparison to taking a workshop in person from a veteran instructor.

Don’t miss your chance: – CLICK THIS LINK TO REGISTER NOW.

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Honoring Kathleen: Kathleen has been teaching for a long time – earlier on at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA and traveling the world to bring this medium to others.  She is known to have instructed many of the pioneers in the polymer community (Nan Roche and Lindly Haunani, to name just two), so is no doubt one of the most respected instructors and polymer artists around.  Over the years, we’ve seen her work grow from inspirational to amazing.  She’s won awards and has had her work on exhibit in some of the most prestigious galleries and venues – becoming one of the first to raise polymer to the level of art. For this, we will all be grateful and would like to celebrate her.

As we celebrate our 5th Master Class Camp, we have chosen to honor this amazing artist on Saturday evening, June 24, 2017 with a small award celebration and auction. We invite members of the polymer community to join us for the evening and share your story of how Kathleen has influenced your life and your work.

To share your story with Kathleen and/or attend the celebration, PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK NOW. 


6 06 2017

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Beginners and advanced students alike can ‘spread their wings’ with Lynne Ann’s proven teaching style and over 25 years of experience while learning to make this butterfly wing cane in polymer clay. Students will learn to blend custom colors and transform them into a base cane that will be turned into the wings of a butterfly. While the cane looks quite complex, Lynne Ann has broken the process down into a series of easy steps shown in a packet with over 100 step by step color photos. The magic happens when Lynne Ann shows students how to transform the wing cane into all kinds of beautiful pieces, like a mermaid’s tail, complex flower petals and other recombinant canes.



The simplicity of leaves and petals and classic beauty of turn of the century style filigree come together in this beautiful piece that can be worn as either a pendant or a pin. Students will learn to create a subtle gradient blend with polymer clay, turn it into two different canes (one leaf, one petal), then build a pendant using neo-classic filigree pieces from Kabela Design and finish the piece off with a Swarovski Rivoli crystal and a finding that combines a bail and a pinback, making it wearable either way. Lynne Ann will cover cane design and construction, even slicing, the best way to create a metal and clay fusion piece using special adhesive material, finishing without sanding (as it is nearly impossible to sand a dimensional piece), and metal to clay and crystal to clay fusion.



Learn to use polymer clay canes to create gorgeous, realistic or Avatar-like supernatural pods and buds! We’ll make a beautifully shaded petal cane, create these awesome little buds that work great as beads, earrings, pendants and more. Learn to form, reduce and manipulate the petal cane, construct a realistic looking pod and add sculptural elements like twisted calyx points. Learn to antique and shade the pods for more realism and finally, the best way to finish the piece without all the tedious sanding!
Please note: This picture demonstrates an assortment of pods, but students will be making just one petal cane and a couple of pods due to time constraints. However, each student will make enough cane to swap pieces with the others so that they can make several other pods with the techniques they’ve learned.




11 05 2016


Don’t you remember the opening lines of the movie, Pretty Woman?  

So many of us start out with dreams for our future – but will we accomplish them?  And how do we get there?  Some are fortunate enough to have a mentor and champion who helps promote and encourage, but most are left struggling and pushing the limits to achieve their goals.  How sweet it is when they accomplish even small goals – wouldn’t you agree?

We’ve had so many students come through our Cabin Fever and Master Class events – some who have gone on to great success.  Julie Eakes, Barbara Poland-Waters, and Ann Kruglak have tutorials on Craftart.edu.  Barbara Liedahl has had an article published in Polymer Arts and Lisa Haney is now an ambassador for Makin’s Clay.  There are many more success stories about artists who are willing to push themselves a little further – even pushing the limits to what they want to achieve.

We want to hear your story and Master Class Camp is that safe place where you can come, learn, and share your story while hearing others’ successes (and failures) and continue on to find your happy place. Don’t give up – Will you join us in June?

Master Class Camp Registration form and workshop descriptions here.




6 05 2016

I’ve been fascinated with Jana Lehmann’s use of color and the fact that her work involves very little cane work – just precise placement of design to create veneers.  Her two new full day workshops at Master Class Camp will prove to those who are color challenged that anything is possible!  This may be Jana’s last trip to the US for a while, so if you are on the edge – take the plunge and join her at MCC.  Workshop descriptions and registration form here.

Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg has mastered, among many other things, flower and leaf canes.  Her ability to refine and create such detailed floral covered tiles has won her numerous awards over the years, including Bead Dreams (two years in a row) and Bead and Button honors.  We are so pleased that she will be bringing one of her “classic” workshops to Master Class Camp.  Her detailed TILES workshop will please even the novice.  Workshop descriptions and registration form here


19 04 2016


Nope, not talking about the election, although I find it fascinating and scary at the same time.  I’m talking about learning and absorbing every bit of knowledge that can possibly fit into your brain.  I’m talking about growing and using your creative energy and steering away from inertia.

Honestly, that’s where I’ve been for the past 6 or so years.  Not able to find enough time in the studio and dealing with a creative block – one that I intend to break through this year.  So, in selecting instructors for the Creative ARTs events, I consider many things, including the medium (preference to polymer) and look at how much the artist/instructor pushes themselves to develop new and exciting avenues for their work.

I can say that each instructor at Master Class Camp in June has excelled at this.  It’s positively packed with the kind of mental energy to move me and others willing to take the plunge, onto the next phase of our body of work.

So, I ask you this question again – Who will you choose?  Workshop information and registration form is available here.


7 04 2016

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Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg and Jana Lehmann (yes, another “Jana” friend for Lynne Ann) have teamed up for Master Class Camp to bring you an innovative, versatile, and colorful workshop.   This 2-day FUSION workshop  looks exciting and will have you looking at so many other possibilities for combining techniques and collaborating with other artists to develop new works.

Their collaborative workshop will be taught on June 17-18 and then each will be teaching another individual one-day workshto register.op.  You can download the workshop descriptions and registration form here. (NOTE: this workshop has been cancelled and replaced with two additional one-day workshops)


1 12 2015

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Over the past 8 1/2 years, we have striven to bring you some of the best and brightest artist/instructors available to Cabin Fever and Master Class Camp.  Cabin Fever, in its 9th year is no different and once again, a premier event offering workshops from:  LISA PAVELKA, MAUREEN CARLSON, DAYLE DOROSHOW, NANCY ENNIS, LISA HANEY, LINDLY HAUNANI, ANKE HUMPERT, DOREEN KASSEL, ROBERT LIU, JANA LEHMANN, ANN and KAREN MITCHELL, NAN ROCHE, LYNNE ANN SCHWARZENBERG, and EUGENA TOPINA.  Registration continues for all attendees – click here to register.

Some have asked about the change in format.  The fact is, we listened to what our attendees were requesting – longer classes from more instructors.  The new format offers more full-day workshops and fewer 4-hour workshops with additional class time at a lower fee – bringing attendees more bang for their buck!  If you have questions about the format, just write us – we’ll answer your inquiries as quickly as possible.

Lisa Pavelka, who has brought the polymer community many useful tools and techniques, will be teaching several workshops and will be honored with the Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award for her contributions over the years. Last year’s honoree, Maureen Carlson, will present the award and will also be teaching workshops at the event.  Click here to find out more on the workshops being offered.



10 04 2013


Difficult to believe it’s been nearly two months since CFCF ended, but we are already planning for next year!  So, those who are interested in joining us in February, start saving up and we will posting info in the next month or so.  In the meantime, check out some photos from CFCF 2013 and what fun we had!


Follow this link for more fun photos!




3 02 2013
Some CFCF goodies

Some CFCF goodies

I’ve struggled for the past two days to write this post but things keep happening!

As I prepare for CFCF to begin in less than two weeks, I realize I am really ready to be creative once again.   As many of you  know, I had a precious little boy 2 1/2 years ago and being a single parent, there is a rare moment that I have time to go into the studio to create.  He’s up at 6:30 AM and is a whirlwind throughout the day, sometimes not ready to sleep until 9 PM!  By that time, I am ready for bed myself, but push myself to work a bit. Needless to say, it is a struggle sometimes.

My home is being overrun with boxes at this point!  Three delivered early last week, then another thirteen large boxes (yes, 13!) last Friday.  Then six boxes on Tuesday, four on Thursday and again a large one from the Netherlands on Friday.  We are going to have a lot of happy campers this year!  When I’m not entertaining or chasing my little man around, I’m busy printing schedules and tags, organizing supplies, packing goody bags, sending follow up emails to instructors and attendees, posting on social media sites, writing vendors and artists for auction donations, and answering lots of questions.  Somewhere in there I fit in all the other requirement of the day, but I do have fun!

Despite the reality of my life, I have worked hard each year for six years to put together an event that is educational, affordable, and fun for attendees and instructors.  The instructors, my fellow artists, are, of course, the key to the success of CFCF and I am grateful for the passion they exude and attention they provide their students when teaching their workshops.  Attendees most always walk away with a renewed sense of confidence in themselves, their work, and a few new friends who look forward to their next time together creating.

Kruglak Blue Octopot

Kruglak Blue Octop

Over the years, we’ve also had a lot of talent among our attendees – those who have earned notoriety in their own right.  Ann Kruglak has attended CFCF every year, and even though she’s only been working with polymer since 2008, she’s been recognized in American Style Magazine , has been a Progress and Possibilities winner several times. Some of you who’ve attended CFCF may have donated your scrap clay to her and it should be noted that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of her work is donated to earth-related charities.

Julie Eakes is another attendee who has gone on to do great things.  She attended the first three CFCFs before I asked her to teach at the PCCAF Fall event in Wisconsin and eventually teach at CFCF (see this video interview with her by CFCF attendee, Alison Torres).  We haven’t seen Julie since then, but just check out this amazing video of what she’s been up to and her work on a unique mosaic piece. She’s also written a book and continues to find time to teach around the country.  Just amazing, Julie, can’t wait for you to come back and see us!

SILAS: Wired Enamel Illusions

Silas Enamel Illusions

Another CFCF attendee, Carol Lessans, was recently mentioned in Cynthia Tinapple‘s weekly Studio Mojo newsletter  Carol’s been experimenting a lot and her unique use of stamps, color, and guilder’s paste makes for a beautiful (and useful) piece of art.  Check out her recent project here.

There are many talented artists among us and I’d like to highlight more. Cindy Silas, who has attended CFCF a few years, has also taught at CFCF several times.  She’s gone on to be published in several magazines and books, and has presented at a metal clay conference and is a finalist in this year’s Saul Bell Awards (for metal clay artists). She was pleased to share that she has her own book coming out in Spring 2014, to be published by Lark.  Looking forward to that!

So, the moral of the story is, not everyone wants to be published, or to teach, or even to sell their work, but CFCF has something for everyone. Whether you are a newbie or professional, you’ll have fun and learn.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be teaching at CFCF someday!


16 01 2013
Nan Roche's Loop-In-Loop Chain

Nan Roche’s Loop-In-Loop Chain

Just one month til the 6th Annual CFCF begins and I see some “all-nighters” in the near future.  Being a single parent of a 2 1/2 year old has it’s magnificent moments and then there are those times when … well, you probably understand.

My home is quickly becoming overrun with supplies, goody bag stuffings, and auction donations.  I hope that it will again be an enjoyable experience for each of you who are attending. A lot of work goes into putting on an event like this and we want you to be comfortable, make friends, have fun, and learn lots.  That being said, there are many workshops to choose from and depending on your focus in polymer, metal clay, or mixed media, we’ve got a lot to offer.

Nan Roche has been working with polymer since the late 1980s/early 1990s and began using the clay extruder early on.  She developed several techniques (extruded mosaic, loop-in-loop, Celtic knots) and her workshop on Loop-in-Loop Chains is definitely a favorite for those interested in fiber/woven techniques.  Space is still available in this pre-conference workshop on Friday, 15, February.  Click here for more info and the registration form.

Kassel Bird Ornament

Kassel Bird Ornament

Doreen Kassel is one of the most prolific artists I have ever met (she and Christi Friesen). Her background in illustration has helped her to develop her little characters, working carefully to sculpt the detailed features and feathers.  Her works are all one of a kind, and I love that each one has it’s own personality and unique cuteness!

She was a NICHE Award winner last year and is a NICHE Award finalist in two categories this year.  She has taken ornament making to a whole new level.  She is teaching two classes at CFCF, one pre-conference Ganesh Triptych workshop and a Birds and Beasts 4-hour workshop.  Space is still available for you to join her.  Click here for more info and the registration form.

FRIESEN - Chrysophrase with Swelligant

FRIESEN – Chrysophrase with Swelligant

Christi Friesen has been all over the map, literally!  She’s been traveling the world for years now, sharing her unique talents and all-around bubbliness (is that a word?) Her two workshops offer a different take on stained glass or intro to her new product, Swelligant, turning your polymer into metal coated marvels!   Come join Christi – click on this link for more info and the registration form.

HOWELL - Old Lady Face

HOWELL – Old Lady Face

Tommie Howell enjoys the process of sculpting each unique detail on his character’s face.  Eyes, nose, mouth, expressive features – all carefully and lovingly worked and reworked until the face comes to life.  You can almost see into the soul of this old woman…  Tommie is teaching only one 4-hour workshop and he’d love for you to join him.  Click here for more info and the registration form.

TINAPPLE - Sea Glass

TINAPPLE – Sea Glass

Cynthia Tinapple is best known for her daily blog on polymer clay, but she is also an artist who loves exploring nature and recreating it in polymer.  She and her husband work on collaborative pieces…he turns the bowls and she creates the extruded mosaic inlays for the rims…beautiful pieces.

For her CFCF 2013 workshops, Cynthia will be teaching her fail safe techniques that she has developed for recreating stones and sea glass. The “rocks” really rock…it’s difficult to tell the real from the faux.  The petroglyphs take you back in time, wondering how they did that!  If you are interested in joining Cynthia, click on this link for additional information and registration form.

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