15 05 2017

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Mother’s Day is a special time for Moms.  However, if you are like me, the work doesn’t stop on Mother’s Day.  I still have to cook, clean, etc. despite the intention of the day.

Yesterday was BUSY, but you can ask for an extension to celebrate it in June and make it 4 days instead of one! There is still time to join us for this special 5th anniversary of Master Class Camp.  Robert Dancik will charm you and fill  your head with endless possibilities for form fold settings for those special polymer pieces.  And polymer and concrete?  Yep, it’s possible and I myself LOVE it!  REGISTER AND PAY ONLINE HERE.

Kathleen Dustin’s Big Beads workshop still has 2 spaces available – don’t miss your chance!  Register now before it’s too late.  REGISTER AND PAY ONLINE HERE.

Don’t have the funds available for the workshops?  Then just join us for the retreat option only and come clay with us for 1-4 days for $99!  REGISTER AND PAY ONLINE HERE.  You can join us for the fun and reception on Saturday night!

Now, what are you waiting for???  Join us – surprises in store!



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