21 08 2014

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Mark your calendar now to attend the 8th year of Cabin Fever!  CFCAF 2015 dates are February 12 – 18, 2015 at the Holiday Inn West, Laurel, Maryland.  Each year, we try to bring a great mix of instructors as we also honor one of the pioneers in the field.  2015 will be no different.  We’ve got a great line-up of instructors in addition to a well-deserving honoree, Maureen Peck Carlson.

2015 Instructors include: Maureen Carlson, Jana Roberts Benzon, Robert Dancik, Dayle Doroshow, Christi Friesen, Lindly Haunani, Anke Humpert, Doreen Kassel, Randee Ketzel, Melanie Muir, Kathryn Jo Ottman, Nan Roche, Sarah Shriver, Marie Segal, Eugena Topina, and Teri Walters.

Once again, we will have full-day pre-conference workshops and 4-hour conference workshops, allowing you to get a “taste” of what more instructors have to offer.  Above is a sampling of photos of some of the workshops that will be offered.  Be certain to stay tuned to be one of the first to register.




15 08 2011

LINDLY HAUNANI’s work has appeared in more than fifty invitational and juried shows and was awarded the prestigious Niche Award in 2009.

Lindly is a founding member of the National Polymer Clay Guild and with Pierrette Ashcroft, co-authored “Artist’s at Work: Polymer Clay Comes of Age.”  Her latest book  “Color Inspirations“ was co-written with Maggie Maggio and  has become the color reference manual for the polymer community as well as for artists. She has produced several video workshops and been featured in numerous polymer and arts magazines.

She began teaching workshops in 1990 and continues to enjoy traveling to lecture and inspire artists.  Her passion for food and cooking provide a basis for her inspiration and is often expressed via color, construction techniques and form.  In addition to many private collections her work is part of the permanent collections of the Racine Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Newark Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Meinge International Museum in San Diego. She has a BFA, in Printmaking from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

Come to Wisconsin where Lindly will be teaching Rainbow Roll Beads at PCCAF MidWest 2011.



7 08 2011

Laura, born in Argentina, moved with her family to USA in 1989. Although her background is in Architecture, she favored art. After exploring several media, she discovered Fiber Arts which appealed to her because of its tactile quality, variety of textures and colors. In 1995, Laura began making jewelry with polymer clay, becoming attracted to its vivid colors, its dimensionality and the diversity of effects and textures she can accomplish with it. Visit her Flickr site here.

More recently, she began combining her fiber and polymer clay interests in mixed media sculptures and installations. She is particularly interested in process and exploring different approaches to materials and feels more comfortable working in three dimensions, using basic forms evocative of nature and primitive cultures. Time touches, alters and decays things. Seeing the marks of the passing of time moves her and tries to include these marks into the work.

She is a studio artist and teacher who exhibits and sells her work through galleries and juried art shows nationally and internationally. She is a member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, the International Polymer Clay Association, the Pittsburgh Polymer Clay Guild, where she is currently the president, and the Fiberarts Guild ofPittsburghwhere she is in charge of exhibitions and was co-director for the Fiberart International 2004 exhibition.

Laura’s work has been featured in several publications: 400 Polymer Clay Designs– Lark Books, Polymer Clay Creative Traditions, Polymer Clay Color Inspirations, and Polymer CAFÉ magazine.  Laura also won the Best of Show award in the 2010 Progress and Possibilities, a Competition organized by the IPCA, and Best of Show at the 2009 AnnualART+TECHExhibition – Pittsburgh Technology Council with a computerized polymer clay piece.

Laura will be teaching Polymer Clay Pendants at PCCAF MidWest 2011.


CFCF 2011: Unveiling Their Inspiration

18 05 2011

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As they say, better late than never! CFCF 2011 was great fun and very inspiring for us all.  It was also exhausting!  But, here are just a few of the hundreds of photos taken during the event.  You will see from them that lots of creative juices were flowing.  Just another 9 months til our 5th Annual CFCF.  But, if you can’t wait until then, consider attending our 2nd Annual PCCAF in Wisconsin in October 2011! Registration information coming soon…

CFCF 2011: A Bevy of Color and INSPIRATION!

19 11 2010

CFCF 2011 Workshops

Cabin Fever Clay Fest registrations are coming in and workshops are filling. If you haven’t yet registered, don’t hesitate…send it in as soon as you can! Lots of great classes to choose from…and you can add up to two(2) more, filling your entire CFCF experience with creativity! Click here for the Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form including the conference and pre-conference. Judith Skinner is coming out to teach…Julie Eakes and Doreen Kassel are both NICHE Award Finalists, and Jeffrey Lloyd Dever and Lindly Haunani are previous NICHE Award winners! And we’ve got many other talented award-winning instructors who are eager to share their knowledge and creative sparks with you…don’t pass up this opportunity!


2 11 2010

Registration is now open for CFCF 2011.  Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form. Registrations are taken on a first-come, first-registered basis using the envelope postmarked date as a reference.  Below are the descriptions of the pre-conference workshops followed by the regular conference workshops. You can register for pre-conference, the CFCF conference or both.  Please read the form carefully and follow the instructions.  Email Kathryn at with any questions you may have.  We look forward to having you join us in the fun!


DAVIS-Stone setting

DAVIS:  Stone setting in Metal Clay (Sat.)

This seven hour workshop will focus on making  four different kinds of stone settings. The stones will be set in a Studio Sampler that can be worn as a pendant or used a reference tool in the studio.
Class kit ($95.00) includes:

*Lorrene’s book “Setting Gemstones into Metal Clay and Making a Wearable Studio Sampler”

*Bezel set small round stone

*Bezel set too large of a stone for metal thickness

*Marquise set stone

*Flush set stone

*27 grams of Art Clay Silver Slow Dry clay

Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form.

DEVER: Thinking Outside the Box – Imaginative hollowware vessels (Fri./Sun.)

DEVER: Pod box

There’s a wide array of forms and shapes that can be created as imaginative vessels, from traditional boxes to free-form sculptural pieces.  In this class we will design and build hollowware vessels, fashioned over original forms of your own creation.  We will use multi-cycle curing and layer-building techniques to construct various vessels with lids.  Surface ornamentation and finishing will be discussed as time allows.  NOTE:  This is not a beginner’s class.  A good working knowledge of polymer clay is a prerequisite.

Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form.

EAKES: Face cane sample

EAKES:   Festive Lady Face Cane (Sat.)

Julie is quickly becoming one of the most sought after caning instructors and has just been selected as one of the NICHE Award Finalists.  In this full-day workshop, she will teach students how to make a complex face cane, developing features as you go. This is not a workshop for beginners. Photo to come on this workshop.

Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form.

HAUNANI: Damascus Ladder Magic (Fri.)

HAUNANI: Damascus Ladder

Lindly will walk you through making three different skinner blend canes – with color coordinated lights and darks – that will be combined to make a dynamic version of a Damascus Ladder.

Strategies for constructing drum beads (which you could choose to make into a sampler bracelet) and flat laminated pieces will be demonstrated along with some valuable finishing techniques.  Photo to come.

Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form.

KASSEL: “Tile Story” Workshop (Sun.)

In this workshop we’ll make a tile, or tiles, depending on the subject matter you choose.

Learn to take a ceramic tile & create a design or a ‘story’ on the surface, using polymer clay in relief. I often use letter & number stamps to add interest & help tell that ‘story’, or just to add an inscription or visual interest to the tile. The tiles are finished with a felt backing & a saw tooth hook, or can be displayed on an easel.  My pieces are texural & whimsical, yours can be as silly or serious as you are.

After the ‘scene’ is sculpted onto the tile & baked, we’ll use a technique involving oil paints to bring out all the texture, incising & general charm of the piece. The way the art POPS after the technique is applied & then the subtle colors that the oil paints bring to the tile is truly exciting!

Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form.

OTTMAN: Intro to Bronze and Copper Metal Clays (Fri.)

OTTMAN: Bronze Clay Earrings

This workshop will introduce you to simple techniques for working with metal clays. Using If you’ve wanted to try them but were afraid to, here’s an opportunity to get your feet wet.  Create polymer texture plates and your unique style in metal clay!

Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form.

ROCHE-Luminous Lacquer

ROCHE: Luminous Lacquer: Japanese Inspired Surfaces (Sat.)

Japanese lacquered surfaces that decorate many Japanese works of art are elegant and precious to look at. In this class we will use Japanese image stamps, foils and liquid clay to recreate the look of these treasures. Students will complete one or more pendants using these techniques. Several other applications will be demonstrated. In addition, students will learn proper sanding, polishing and finishing techniques as well as working with rubber cording, a perfect complement to these beautiful pieces.

Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form.


SKINNER: Skinner Blend Potpourri (Sun.)

In Judith’s workshop, you will design and create contemporary art jewelry using the Skinner blend (of course). We will complete several of my production pieces during the workshop, including “Calla”, “Crescendo” and “… in the Wind”. In addition, I will describe and demonstrate many other pieces including “Threads and Clay”, “Glitz and Glitter” and “Geometry”. A handout with detailed instructions and photographs will be provided.   And of course, she’ll review the Skinner blend and variations.

Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form.



COZZI: Mini Sasa Necklace

COZZI: Mini Sasa Necklace

Mon. 8:00AM or Tues. 1:00PM

You’ll learn to make beads with my Translucent Colors – oil paints, etching and colored graphites. This necklace will have 5 beads so it may be possible to finish within four hours.

You may use my shapes or you can use your own. We’ll make colored clay with oil paint, then etch it, cut out our bead shapes, then bake them. Sand the edges and apply 18K gold leafing pen plus varnish. We’ll add the oil paint and colored graphite and burnish it.

We’ll drill the perfect sized holes and add ball covered headpins and heishi beads to keep the necklace beads hinged. After it’s been put together, you will attach the snake chain, the clasp and the ring. You may connect  your necklace with silver or antique copper. Both kits are available in the store. I know you’ll enjoy your new necklace!

Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form.



Mon. 1:00PM or Wed. 8:00AM

Mica is the magic in these shimmering seductive beads. Learn to create and manipulate the chatoyance, or “cat’s eye” effect possible with this clay. Make shifting variations of shade within any given color of clay and illusions of depth on a smooth surface. This class will focus on how to organize the mica, and how to bend it to create luminous patterns of holographic depth. You will carve, hand-manipulate, texture, backfill, and then sand and buff beads for a mesmerizing, lustrous, soft and supple finish.

Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form.

EULER: Zentangle sample

EULER: Zentangle and Zentangle inspired art

Sun. 6:30 or Wed. 1:00PM

Zentangle is an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. Zentangle is so easy to learn that it’s tempting to think that you understand it all. You might be amazed at how much more there is to it… so join Patti for this introductory class that will keep you coming back for more! Can easily be used to inspire wonderful polymer pieces! Learn the basics as taught to her in an in-depth certification course she recently completed. It’s repetitive and beautiful and satisfying, and a healthy way to leave the world behind, which makes it important.  A Zentangle Starter kit is included in the price, plus we will have more supplies available for purchase.

Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form.

FRIESEN: Bamboozled

FRIESEN: Bamboozled!

Mon. 1:00PM or Wed. 8:00AM

Christi once again puts your imagination Polymer clay and mixed media, animal and plants and flowers.  Whoo hoo!

Final piece can be a wall piece or pendant.

Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form.

HELM:Molds and Faces

HELM: Making Faces-Modeling & Moldmaking

Mon. 8:00AM or Tues. 1:00PM
This session begins with the fundamentals of proportion, scale, and anatomical placement. We will build miniature faces using scrap clay and simple tools. After baking we create molds, comparing the advantages of various formulations including Plaster of Paris, polymer clays, and RTV silicone molding compounds. Pulls from the molds we make will be manipulated and decorated in many ways. Apply acrylic paints in a variety of fashions that range from childlike innocence to sophisticated vamp! We will cover making stains and antiquing, faux wood and ivory finishes, and more. Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form

MARSHALL: Adventures in Polymer Clay Surface Design

MARSHALL-Surface Design Beads

Sun. 6:30PM or Tues. 8:00AM

In this class you’ll start by creating polymer clay sheets that resemble hand-dyed fabric.   Taking a “layered design” approach, you’ll further decorate these sheets and, along the way, learn new tips and techniques for adding depth and dimension.   Finally, you’ll choose among your polymer clay ‘fabrics’ to create an art quilt pendant.    Bring beads, wire, and metal charms to make a mixed media piece.  Photo to come. Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form.

SHRIVER: New Big Beads

SHRIVER: Fun New Big Beads

Mon. 1:00PM or Wed. 1:00PM

We’ll be making colorful big beads with cores of ultra-light clay in some great new shapes!  Using your own cane(s) from home, and/or one that we will construct quickly in class, we’ll make several veneers and apply them to both baked and unbaked forms. We’ll pinch, carve, inlay and backfill to get a variety of fun beads with strong graphic interest.  Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form.

SILAS: Wired Enamel IllusionsSILAS: Wired Enamel Illusions

Sun. 6:30PM or Tues. 1:00PM

Cindy will teach you a technique that can easily be mistaken for vitreous enamel. To achieve a true cloisonné look-alike, you’ll learn how to shape wire and add it to asterling silver bezel, then how to achieve a genuine sparkle and clarity in the colors of your choice. You’ll also learn valuable tips for blending colors, a how-to on using a quick-dry and super-clear resin, and the best finishing touches for that final glassy shine. At the end of four hours, you’ll have a gorgeous silver pendant and new skills. A class kit will be available in the CFCF store. The kit price will be based on Feb. 2011 silver prices (would be $22 right now) and includes a 30mm round sterling silver blank bezel pendant, 12” fine silver bezel wire, and assorted other materials. A handout with detailed instructions will be provided.  Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form.

TABAKMAN: Mixed Media Sculpture

TABAKMAN: Mixed Media Sculptures

Tues. 8:00AM or Wed. 8:00AM

In this class students will make three dimensional mixed media sculptures. We will use some molds as a starting point, but students will develop their own personal vision from there, with each finished piece showing her/his own personality and message. We will use polymer clay, wire, fibers, papers, beads, etc. Students are also encouraged to bring found objects or any material they would like to incorporate. This class is a great way of getting your creativity flowing and open new paths for your own work.  Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form.

WELTMAN: Wireworking for Polymer Clay Artists

WELTMAN-Wire and polymer necklace

Tues. 8:00AM or Wed. 1:00PM

Tired of paying for store-bought mass-produced clasps? Learn how to make a variety of clasps that are a beautiful part of the overall design rather than looking like an afterthought. Students will also learn how to make their own earwires, headpins and eyepins for earrings and other jewelry applications, and how to finish a necklace with museum-quality techniques, including covering crimps with crimp covers or wire and using wire embellishments on leather and fabric cording. Students will also learn how to antique wire with liver of sulfur. Don’t worry if you’ve never worked with wire before. Ronna will get you up and running!  Registration forms can be found by clicking Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form.

For additional information on CFCF 2011 or any other events we sponsor, please email us at  We look forward to hearing from you!

CFCF 2011: 18-23 FEB. and…INSTRUCTORS Announced!

18 10 2010




Here’s the exciting announcement you’ve been waiting for!

The 2011 Cabin Fever Clay Fest will be held in Laurel, MD at the Holiday Inn West from 18-23 Feb.  The incredible instructor line-up is as follows:


*Lorrene Davis:  Stone setting in Metal Clay (Sat.)
*Jeff Dever: (Fri./ Sun.)
*Julie Eakes:   Festive Lady Face Cane (Sat.)
*Doreen Kassel:  “Tile” Story Workshop (Sun.)
*Lindly Haunani: Damascus Ladder Magic (Fri.)
*Kathryn Ottman: TBA (Fri.)
*Nan Roche:  Captured Foil (Sat.)
**Judith Skinner:    Skinner Blend Potpourri  (Sun.)

**We are honored to have Judith Skinner as our 2011 Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award Recipient





CFCF 2011 Instructors (4 hour workshops)

*Grant Diffendaffer: Mica Shift Beads – Mon. 1:00PM/Wed. 8:00AM

*Patti Euler: Zentangle and Zentangle inspired art –Sun. 6:30/Wed. 1:00PM

*Louise Fischer Cozzi: Mini Sasa Necklace – Mon. 8:00AM/Tues. 1:00PM

*Christi Friesen: Bamboozled – Mon. 1:00PM/Wed. 8:00AM

*Sarajane Helm: Making Faces–Modeling & Moldmaking – Mon. 8:00AM/Tues. 1:00PM

*Ellen Marshall: Playing with Pastels – Sun. 6:30PM/Tues. 8:00AM

*Ronna Sarvas Weltman: Wireworking for Polymer Artists – Tues. 8:00AM/Wed. 1:00PM

*Sarah Shriver: TBA – Mon. 1:00PM/Wed. 1:00PM

*Cindy Silas: Wired Enamel Illusions – Sun. 6:30PM/Tues. 1:00PM

*Laura Tabakman: Mixed Media Sculptures – Tues. 8:00AM/Wed. 1:00PM

REGISTRATION opens later this week…watch for it!

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