20 09 2011

We are SOOOOO excited to be gearing up for CFCF 2012!  WOW, have we got some great instructors prepared to teach you some new and innovative ideas to work with polymer clay, silver, PMC, and other mixed media.  SAVE THE DATES and start saving your pennies…the 5th Annual Cabin Fever Clay Fest is just around the corner – Feb. 17-19 Pre-conference, Feb. 19-22 conference at the Holiday Inn West in Laurel, MD.  Be certain to follow this blog and stay informed:

We’ve got another spectacular line-up of instructors that you won’t want to miss, including:

Barbara Lewis, Blair Anderson, Doreen Kassel, Jana Roberts Benzon, Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Kathryn Jo Ottman, Laura Tabakman, Linda Hess, Lindly Haunani, Liz Potter Hall, Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg, Marie Segal, Nan Roche, Sarah Shriver, and Shannon Nelson.

Also, announcing the next recipient of the Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award – Marie Segal.  To learn more about Marie’s long history with Polymer Clay, visit her website, blog, and Clay Factory store!

Workshop descriptions coming soon and registration opens next week!  Subscribe to this blog to stay updated on all the latest from PCCAF!

CFCF 2011: Unveiling Their Inspiration

18 05 2011

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As they say, better late than never! CFCF 2011 was great fun and very inspiring for us all.  It was also exhausting!  But, here are just a few of the hundreds of photos taken during the event.  You will see from them that lots of creative juices were flowing.  Just another 9 months til our 5th Annual CFCF.  But, if you can’t wait until then, consider attending our 2nd Annual PCCAF in Wisconsin in October 2011! Registration information coming soon…

CFCF 2011: Spotlight on Instructor Lorrene Baum Davis

18 01 2011

DAVIS: Stone setting project

Lorrene says, “I began creating work in the crib with crayons on rubber sheets and on the walls… and mud pies in the back yard: I have never stopped creating what I consider art. Classes in art studies, professional schools and self–teaching have been a major part of my life’s bliss. I have a great love of the metals and clays, and those two mediums draw me into working with them because of their malleability and their permanence. Glass fusing is my most recent art form and I am setting my original glass designs into pure silver textured rings. I have found that there is not enough time to design and make everything I imagine.

“The clays, precious metals and polymer enable me to produce organic forms with great textures and colors. When working with the the fused glass – I am a constructionist – the crisp geometrical edges jump out of my designs. All three mediums allow me to continue to be a maker of one–of–a–kind pieces of wearable art.

She is one of eight Master Instructors in Art Clay Silver (USA), and teaches Certification workshops to future Level I and Senior Instructors… She is now on the faculty of the Revere Academy as one of their Metal Clay instructors.

DAVIS:  Stone setting in Metal Clay (Sat.)

This seven hour workshop will focus on making  four different kinds of stone settings. The stones will be set in a Studio Sampler that can be worn as a pendant or used a reference tool in the studio.  To register for Lorrene’s workshop, click here for the registration form.

Class kit ($95.00) includes:

  • Lorrene’s book “Setting Gemstones into Metal Clay and Making a Wearable Studio Sampler”
  • Bezel set small round stone
  • Bezel set too large of a stone for metal thickness
  • Marquise set stone
  • Flush set stone
  • 27 grams of Art Clay Silver Slow Dry clay

CFCF 2011: A Bevy of Color and INSPIRATION!

19 11 2010

CFCF 2011 Workshops

Cabin Fever Clay Fest registrations are coming in and workshops are filling. If you haven’t yet registered, don’t hesitate…send it in as soon as you can! Lots of great classes to choose from…and you can add up to two(2) more, filling your entire CFCF experience with creativity! Click here for the Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2011 Registration Form including the conference and pre-conference. Judith Skinner is coming out to teach…Julie Eakes and Doreen Kassel are both NICHE Award Finalists, and Jeffrey Lloyd Dever and Lindly Haunani are previous NICHE Award winners! And we’ve got many other talented award-winning instructors who are eager to share their knowledge and creative sparks with you…don’t pass up this opportunity!

CFCF 2011: 18-23 FEB. and…INSTRUCTORS Announced!

18 10 2010




Here’s the exciting announcement you’ve been waiting for!

The 2011 Cabin Fever Clay Fest will be held in Laurel, MD at the Holiday Inn West from 18-23 Feb.  The incredible instructor line-up is as follows:


*Lorrene Davis:  Stone setting in Metal Clay (Sat.)
*Jeff Dever: (Fri./ Sun.)
*Julie Eakes:   Festive Lady Face Cane (Sat.)
*Doreen Kassel:  “Tile” Story Workshop (Sun.)
*Lindly Haunani: Damascus Ladder Magic (Fri.)
*Kathryn Ottman: TBA (Fri.)
*Nan Roche:  Captured Foil (Sat.)
**Judith Skinner:    Skinner Blend Potpourri  (Sun.)

**We are honored to have Judith Skinner as our 2011 Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award Recipient





CFCF 2011 Instructors (4 hour workshops)

*Grant Diffendaffer: Mica Shift Beads – Mon. 1:00PM/Wed. 8:00AM

*Patti Euler: Zentangle and Zentangle inspired art –Sun. 6:30/Wed. 1:00PM

*Louise Fischer Cozzi: Mini Sasa Necklace – Mon. 8:00AM/Tues. 1:00PM

*Christi Friesen: Bamboozled – Mon. 1:00PM/Wed. 8:00AM

*Sarajane Helm: Making Faces–Modeling & Moldmaking – Mon. 8:00AM/Tues. 1:00PM

*Ellen Marshall: Playing with Pastels – Sun. 6:30PM/Tues. 8:00AM

*Ronna Sarvas Weltman: Wireworking for Polymer Artists – Tues. 8:00AM/Wed. 1:00PM

*Sarah Shriver: TBA – Mon. 1:00PM/Wed. 1:00PM

*Cindy Silas: Wired Enamel Illusions – Sun. 6:30PM/Tues. 1:00PM

*Laura Tabakman: Mixed Media Sculptures – Tues. 8:00AM/Wed. 1:00PM

REGISTRATION opens later this week…watch for it!

PCCAF Midwest 2010: Instructor Cindy Silas

24 09 2010

SILAS: Photopolymer Plate Example

SILAS: Photopolymer Plates Galore

Cindy has always been an artist, spending much of her youth drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, and as a teenager in the 70’s, doing macramé.  She chose the business art of graphic design as a profession, while continuing to explore other arts mediums, such as watercolor and photography.  In 2003, she picked up a book about polymer clay and began creatively exploring the art form.  More recently, she began exploring silver clay and has become focused on combining the two versatile mediums to create art jewelry.

Her experience in the arts has been rich, collecting what each individual medium has to offer.  Each explored medium has added to her sense of design and love of color, not to mention adding to the overflow of supplies in her home studio.  She believes life is an adventure, and that there is so much left to do…see…try.  Her goals are to move forward, to explore, innovate, and continue to share the creative genius that is in all of us through her art, teaching and publishing.

In this class, you will learn to create photopolymer plates (PPP) from your own art! Then use them as you would a rubber stamp to impress textures and designs—even your signature, into your polymer or metal clay. In this class, you will make a photopolymer plate (or several) to take home, plus learn the following:

•  several ways to create your art, so that you get crisp results
•  the best plates to use for different purposes
•  how to determine the best exposure time
•  demo and tips for using your plates
•  use your art or choose from several available designs
•  and finally, Cindy will have samples available to show how the plates can be used.

To register for the Polymer Clay and Creative Arts Fest in Weston, Wisconsin, 21-24 Oct., please click here or on the registration linkabove to download the registration forms and get them in as soon as possible.  Registration deadline is 10 October 2010.

PCCAF Midwest 2010: Instructor Nan Roche

19 09 2010

ROCHE: Japanese Kashi Gata Necklaces

ROCHE: Japanese Molds: Antique carvings

Nan has been working with polymer clay since the late ’80s and is the author of the very first book written on the subject, “The New Clay”. In Feb. 2010, she received the first, Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award.  She is bringing her years of experience and wonderful talent to the Midwest for the first time in years, so don’t miss your chance of learning from one of the best and brightest … eager to share her experience with all. Her workshop, Japanese Molds, Antique Carvings, is a wonderful class for everyone interested in the beauty of Japanese design.  We will be using 100 year old Japanese Kashi Gata molds that were traditionally used for a special kind of sweet cookie for celebrations.  The clay will be worked using mokume gane layering and a technique that allows you work with these often very deep molds.  We will make one piece using a collage of images from some of my smaller carvings. I will have castings of some of the molds so that images can both be raised from the surface and sunk below the surface. I will have some antique texturing molds to use as well. We will learn about sanding and polishing and other finishing techniques that I like to use.  My approach to findings using rubber cording to assemble pieces will also be taught. Now is your chance to work with these wonderful molds and a Japanese sensibility!!!! To register for the Polymer Clay and Creative Arts Fest in Weston, Wisconsin, 21-24 Oct., please click here or on the registration link above to download the registration forms and get them in as soon as possible.  Registration deadline is 10 October 2010.

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