1 12 2015

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Over the past 8 1/2 years, we have striven to bring you some of the best and brightest artist/instructors available to Cabin Fever and Master Class Camp.  Cabin Fever, in its 9th year is no different and once again, a premier event offering workshops from:  LISA PAVELKA, MAUREEN CARLSON, DAYLE DOROSHOW, NANCY ENNIS, LISA HANEY, LINDLY HAUNANI, ANKE HUMPERT, DOREEN KASSEL, ROBERT LIU, JANA LEHMANN, ANN and KAREN MITCHELL, NAN ROCHE, LYNNE ANN SCHWARZENBERG, and EUGENA TOPINA.  Registration continues for all attendees – click here to register.

Some have asked about the change in format.  The fact is, we listened to what our attendees were requesting – longer classes from more instructors.  The new format offers more full-day workshops and fewer 4-hour workshops with additional class time at a lower fee – bringing attendees more bang for their buck!  If you have questions about the format, just write us – we’ll answer your inquiries as quickly as possible.

Lisa Pavelka, who has brought the polymer community many useful tools and techniques, will be teaching several workshops and will be honored with the Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award for her contributions over the years. Last year’s honoree, Maureen Carlson, will present the award and will also be teaching workshops at the event.  Click here to find out more on the workshops being offered.



2 02 2015

Maureen has been working with polymer for decades and chances are, one of the first face or foot molds you used were one of her designs.  If you’ve ever visited her studio, Maureen Carlson Center for Creative Arts in Jordan, MN, you’d see just how spirited she is – even down to the real faerie door in the tree by the creek!


We are honored to present this year’s Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award to Maureen.  She has blazed the trail for many of us and created inspiration all around.  Her spirited work and thoughtful creative process has helped many focus on what’s important – just living.

If you are interested in attending or would like to send a congratulatory note, please email Kathryn at or leave a comment below.


1 01 2015

Happy New Year to you all!  Now that the holidays are over and the New Year has begun, it’s time to give your creative spirit a gift.  Join us for this one-of-a-kind event, now in it’s 8th year.

 Take advantage of an opportunity to fill your days with classes from a choice of 16 different instructors (Maureen Carlson, Jana Roberts Benzon, Robert Dancik, Dayle Doroshow, Christi Friesen, Lindly Haunani, Anke Humpert, Doreen Kassel, Randee Ketzel, Ann and Karen Mitchell, Melanie Muir, Kathryn Jo Ottman, Nan Roche, Marie Segal, Eugena Topina, and Teri Walters) and make new friends.  Take away skills and techniques to improve your work and develop a style all your own.

There are two things that set this even apart from any other:

First, CFCAF has the largest number of polymer instructors gathered in one location.  You have your choice of which classes you want to attend and have a 24-hour room to work in while not in class.  There is also an opportunity to show and sell your work to your peers.  Attendees of Cabin Fever range from novice to professional artists, some who have been attending since year one.

Second, the auction at CFCAF has each year benefited one or more charities including American Cancer Society, CERF, and Wounded Warriors Fund.  This year will be no different.


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6 11 2014

There are two things that happen each year at Cabin Fever that make it unique over any other Creative Arts event out there.  First, we honor one or more of those in our community who have paved the way for many. In 2015, we hope you will join us to help honor Maureen Carlson of WeeFolk and Maureen Carlson’s Center for the Arts in Jordan, MN as she received the Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award for 2015.  Since 2009, we’ve been honoring some of these pioneers in the polymer world, those who came before many of us and tested the waters and the medium, bringing good and bad results to the forefront so the rest of us can learn from their triumphs and mistakes.  Maureen designed many of the face molds that we began using for doll-making, etc.  Maureen will be teaching a two-day workshop in addition to two 4-hour workshops.  Her creative wit and reflection as she inspires others is worth its weight in gold.  You can read more about her story in an upcoming post.

The second happening at Cabin Fever is the ability to participate in the auction which raises funds for non-profit organizations close to our heart.  In 2015, we will be raising funds for two charities that will benefit some in our own community.  The  first is the Prison Project – organized by Cynthia Tinapple, and raising funds for childhood cancer patients, including Baby Cullen, Kim Cavender’s grandson who is fighting a rare form of brain cancer.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the highlights you will be part of when you REGISTER HERE.

1. You will help us to celebrate our 8th year of bringing you not one, not two, not even three guest artists, but 17 instructors from around the country and around the world.  Yes, CFCAF has been an international event from our very first year!

2. You will have your choice of full-day workshops or half-day workshops or better yet, BOTH – the best of both worlds.  Who are the instructors?    Cabin Fever Creative Arts Fest 2015 Instructors include: Maureen Carlson, Jana Roberts Benzon, Robert Dancik, Dayle Doroshow, Christi Friesen, Lindly Haunani, Anke Humpert, Doreen Kassel, Randee Ketzel, Ann and Karen Mitchell, Melanie Muir, Kathryn Jo Ottman, Nan Roche, Marie Segal, Eugena Topina, and Teri Walters.

3. Be one of the first 50 to register and receive a commemorative canvas goody bag filled with lots of treats from suppliers and organizers.



30 10 2014


Whew – it’s finally done!  Registration is now officially opened for Cabin Fever Creative Arts Fest 2015! (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE REGISTRATION FORMS AND WORKSHOP DESCRIPTIONS.)  We’ve got a great line-up and there is no other polymer event of this type, in the US or abroad, that brings you the opportunity to select from so many instructors and classes.  The goal is to change it up a bit each year to make it interesting and in most cases, the instructors are teaching new workshops – cutting edge workshops – so your time is now to take advantage.

Thank you to everyone who has been patient with me  getting this up and running while I worked some things out and dealt with life issues.

Here are just a couple of things you need to know:

1. Maureen Peck Carlson is the Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award Recipient for 2015.  Maureen has been instrumental and influential in so many ways in the polymer world and her warm spirited nature and kindness just adds to the novelty of her skills as a teacher and friend.  I hope that everyone reading this post will take a moment to send me a quick note of congrats to Maureen and how she may have influenced your world/life.  Send to

2. Some may notice that the name of the event has been changed from Cabin Fever CLAY Festival to Cabin Fever Creative Arts Fest.  This was done for several reasons, but most importantly, to be more inclusive of the Arts Community as a whole.  Those of us who have been around this microcosm of polymer know that there are many different mediums that marry well with polymer.  Fiber arts, metal clay, beading, wire working, etc. all have involvement in some way with many working with polymer.  I felt it appropriate to include them all, although these other arts may not be included in every CFCAF event.

3. The workshop fees are still reasonably priced, although a $30 registration fee has been added on to each registration to better cover incidental costs (purchasing new ovens!) and includes admittance for each attendee to the Tuesday evening celebration and silent auction.  After careful consideration and 7 years experience with this event, this seemed the logical way to ensure all costs are covered.

4. The silent auction will benefit two different charities. While I can’t reveal them just yet, I know that most people, whether attending or just sending in a contribution for the auction, will be more than willing to participate and help. More on this at a later date, once everything is set in place.

5. Please make certain to share the information about this event with as many of your polymer friends, guilds, etc. as possible.  The event is run on a shoestring, so it’s important to get the word out on social media and through any networks available.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

6. I had hoped to get the registration completely up online, but being less than tech-savvy, have been unable to accomplish this task so far.  I am still working on it and hope to get some form up before long.  But if I don’t, please don’t hold it against me.  I’m just a single, middle-aged mother of a wonderfully curious and extremely active 4-year-old who requires more attention than I ever dreamed of, but I am so glad of it.  My motto has become, “I know it’s important and I’ll get around to it when I can … or not.”

On that note, registrations will start coming in very quickly and classes will fill.  Don’t wait – if you want to attend, select the workshops you want to take, start saving and send in your deposit to hold your spot. Hope to see you in February,



20 05 2013
Lindly Haunani Color Collage

Lindly Haunani Color Collage

Are you color challenged when it comes to your polymer work?  Well, we’ve got something just for you.  If you’ve never taken a color class from Lindly, this is your chance.  She has modified and updated her traditional color workshop and put a different spin on it just for MCC 2013.

But, did you know that Lindly’s roots go way back in the polymer clay world?   Lindly is a founding member of the Potomac Polymer Clay Guild as well as the National Polymer Clay Guild.  She began teaching workshops way back in 1990 and continues to enjoy traveling around the world to lecture and inspire other artists.

Her passion for food and cooking  provide a basis for her inspiration and is often expressed via color, construction techniques and form.  Her work is part of the permanent collections of the Racine Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Newark Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Meinge International Museum in San Diego. She has a BFA in Printmaking from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

Lindly Haunani

Lindly Haunani

She is co-author of two books, the first with Pierrette Ashcroft,  Artist’s at Work: Polymer Clay Comes of Age and her latest book  Color Inspirations with Maggie Maggio.   Color Inspirations has quickly become the color reference manual for the polymer community and artists working in other mediums. She has starred in several video workshops and has been featured in numerous polymer and arts magazines, including Bead and Button Magazine.  Her work has appeared in more than fifty invitational and juried shows and was awarded the prestigious Niche Award in 2009. She also received the Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award at CFCF’s February 2013 Conference in Laurel, MD.

To register for Lindly’s workshop, Inspired Color: Collaging for Clarity,  download the workshop info and registration form here.


15 05 2013
Lindly Haunani - Inspired Color "Qyilt Block:

Lindly Haunani – Inspired Color “Quilt Block”

MASTER CLASS CAMP DISCOUNT EXTENDED THROUGH JUNE 15! If you are like me, you are a procrastinator.  I most often have the best of intentions, but continually say to myself, oh, I’ll get to that tomorrow.  NOT!  It’s incredible how many times I’ve done this over the course of my lifetime, and I’ve missed out on some great opportunities because of it.  Usually can’t go back, so I’ve spent the last year trying more diligently to get things done as they need to be done.

If this reminds you of yourself, don’t fret…we are going to help you take care of that.  Have you registered for the Master Class Camp(MCC)yet? If you have been on the fence, we appreciate that and want to give you another opportunity to register at the discounted rate, so we’ve extended the $40 discount per class til June 15th! But hurry, we have limited space available in each workshop and they are filling fast.

Robert Liu 
Maureen Carlson
Sandra Mccaw
Ellen Marshall
Jeff Dever – 2 spaces available
Lindly Haunani 
Carol Simmons

Download the workshop info and registration form here.

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