CFCF 2010: Win a Prize-Registration extended through January!

20 12 2009

My snowy backyard

Blizzard at 10 AM

Merry Christmas to all from blizzard struck Maryland!    While the blizzard is over, the snow remains.  I went out yesterday morning and took photos just as the bad snow started to set in…at that time, we had approximately 8 inches on the ground.  I went out this morning and measured…we are officially at 20 inches!  Snowman time! 

If you’ve been waiting to get your holiday shopping out of the way to make plans for attending Cabin Fever Clay Fest in Feb. 2010, now’s the time to make your dream a reality.  We still have space available in many CFCF workshops as well as some of the pre-conference workshops (see list below.)  And, as our gift to you, we are extending the registration deadline through January with a little incentive for you to visit our blog, refer others, and register for CFCF.  
1. Send in your registration for CFCF.  One lucky registrant will be selected to receive a $30 gift of products from all registrations received with postmarks between 12/21/09 and 1/20/10.
2. When you visit our blog at and make a comment … one lucky winner who adds a comment on the blog between 12/21/09 and 1/9/10 will be selected randomly to receive a $10 gift package. 
3. If you have a blog of your own, link to and send visitors our way…the second lucky winner will be selected randomly to receive a $15 gift package, based on blogs referrals of visitors to between 12/21/09 and 1/16/10.
HERE’s THE UPDATE: (visit and click on the Registration Tab at the top of the site for forms and descriptions) 

The following pre-conference workshops still have space available:

 * Nan Roche (2/20) *  Cindy Silas (2/20)  * Jana Roberts Benzon (2/21)  * Maggie Maggio (2/21)

 The following  CFCF (4 hour workshops beginning 2/21) still have space available:

* Tony Aquino (2/21 and 2/23)  * Maureen Carlson (2/21 and 2/23)

* Dayle Doroshow (2/23)  * Laurie Mika (2/24)   *  Kathryn  Ottman (2/22 and 2/23)

* Lisa Pavelka (2/22)  *  Ronna Sarvas Weltman (2/24)  *  Sarah Shriver (2/24) 

CFCF 2010: Nan Roche to be honored with Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award

10 12 2009

As registrations continue for the 3rd Annual Cabin Fever Clay Fest  in Feb. 2010 in Laurel, MD, we are pleased to announce that a special award will be given at the event.

Nan Roche, author of “The New Clay“, the first comprehensive book published on Polymer Clay (1991 Flower Valley Press), will be honored with the first Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award at the closing celebration for Cabin Fever Clay Fest, Wed. 24 February 2010 from 7PM til 11PM.  Jeffrey Lloyd Dever will be presenting Nan with this inaugural award on behalf of Cabin Fever Clay Fest and Polymer Clay Fests.    Nan, who has been a scientist working at NIH for many years, was one of the founding members of the National Polymer Clay Guild and the Washington Polymer Clay Guild. 

She was chosen for this first time honor for her numerous contributions to the polymer clay community, specifically having authored the first comprehensive book on polymer clay, or as Jeff refers to it –  “the pc bible“.  It was a labor of love for her and many others who helped her to pull the book together, including her late mother, Sue, who created all of the book’s illustrations; her brother, Chris, the photographer; her husband, John, who was/is her greatest supporter; and many other friends and colleagues who donated their time and artwork for the venture.  It’s wonderful to know that after 18 years, the book has withstood the hands of time and is still looked upon as a valuable resource in the polymer clay community.

Many of us may not be where we are with polymer clay without Nan’s insight into its origin and techniques.  She credits Kathleen Dustin as her first instructor at the Torpedo Factory and Pier Voulkos as her first inspiration to learn more about the medium.

Nan continues to teach periodically  when time allows and she derives great pleasure and energy from teaching her signature techniques.  For those who have not yet taken a workshop from Nan or who are interested in learning a new technique, she will be teaching a NEW one-day Celtic Knots, Braids, and Plaits pre-conference workshop on Saturday, 20 Feb. 2010 at Cabin Fever Clay Fest and we still have space available. Visit the registration page on this blog for forms and additional information.  

If you are not able to attend Cabin Fever Clay Fest but are interested in showing your support and appreciation for Nan, tickets are available for the closing celebration on 24 Feb. for $40 per person. Please email  for additional information. We would be pleased to have you join us at this celebration.

CFCF 2010: Supporting the Polymer Collection Project at RAM

25 10 2009
The Polymer Collection Project at RAM is a dream realized by Elise Winters and the polymer clay community.  It represents years of planning and hard work and a major step moving forward to have Polymer Clay works by renowned artists recognized by the Fine Arts World as a true art form.

 Elise will be the first to admit that she hasn’t done this alone, relying on many in the polymer world to help bring this dream to fruition.  Some of those include Rachel Carren, Nancy Travers, Nan Roche, Lindly Haunani, Carol Watkins along with Laura Tabakman and Lili Velez.  Also a key element in this project is Bruce W. Pepich, Executive Director and Curator of Collections at RAM, many thanks to him.

We at CFCF are pleased to support this project by donating a portion of each registration fee to the project.   We are also please that we’ve had the great fortune of bringing some of the talented artisans, whose works are included in the collection, to teach hands-on workshops at CFCF this year and in years past.  Just a few of the artists included in the collection project are: Jeffrey Lloyd Dever (CFCF 2010), Dayle Doroshow (CFCF 2010), Lindly Haunani (CFCF 2010), Tory Hughes (CFCF 2009), Donna Kato (CFCF 2008), Maggie Maggio (CFCF 2010), Nan Roche (CFCF 2008-2010), and Sarah Shriver (CFCF 2008-2010). 

We urge you to ponder where we polymer clay artists might be without these pioneers and innovators…and consider a donation to the project.  You can learn more by following this link.  Once again, congrats to Elise and all who have worked so hard on this project.

CFCF 2010 Pre-Conference Instructor: Jana Roberts Benzon

20 10 2009
Benzon Laser Cut Pendants

Benzon Laser Cut Pendants

For the past five years or so, Jana Roberts Benzon has continued to reinvent herself through her work, each a little piece of art.  She first brought us her Arabesque technique, then her Sea Sculptures, and now she brings us her new “Laser Cut” technique.
In this exciting workshop, you’ll learn Jana’s technique for what she’s labeled “Laser Cut”.  Dramatic and geometric, with depth and seeming aged history, this technique lends itself to so many different types of jewelry or artwork.  Learn to create pieces that have an old world, or even ancient feel, with delicate and yet bold dimensional detailing.  As you create your pendant in class (with the shape of your choosing…circle, square, diamond..whatever!), you’ll see how much fun this new and innovative technique is to play with!  You can bring your own canes (such as flowers, leaves, and/or wood grain) to the workshop to implement into your pendant, or use canes that Jana will provide.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn this brand new technique!

CFCF 2010: Haunani and Maggio Bring “Color Inspirations” to Cabin Fever

18 10 2009
Polymer Clay Color Inspirations

Polymer Clay Color Inspirations

Haunani Petal Lei Bracelets

Haunani Petal Lei Bracelets

Maggio Poetry Bracelet

Maggio Poetry Bracelet















Both Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio are considered the foremost color experts in the world of polymer clay…they are the “queens” of the rainbow.  With the collaboration and publishing of their new book, “Polymer Clay Color Inspirations“, they are providing step-by-step tutorials and advice to those who may lack inspiration in their color choices or just need a bit of a brush-up on their techniques. They are bringing their expertise to Cabin Fever Clay Fest in February 2010 with two BRAND NEW hands-on workshops, developed especially for CFCF.

Haunani will be teaching her “Petal Lei” bracelet on Saturday (waiting list only) which is on the cover of their book and was recently juried into a gallery exhibition.  Lindly’s color palette has a infinite range and her ability to coax and guide those faint of heart colorists is amazing. 

Maggio, on the other hand, has an inspired sense of creating color blends and uses a more technical and scientific technique to developing your color palette.  Her CFCF workshop on “Poetry Bracelets” is newly developed just for CFCF.  Maggie will help students to create stylish colors and turn them into a piece of art that express mood and emotion –  to wear proudly on their arm.

To register for Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2010 in Laurel, Maryland, click here.

CFCF 2010: Jana Roberts Benzon added and Nan Roche’s revised

13 10 2009
BENZON "Lazer cut" Maya

BENZON "Lazer cut" Maya


Jana Roberts Benzon has been officially added to the Cabin Fever Clay Fest Pre-Conference Instructor line-up.  Jana has been an instructor at CFCF in both 2008 and 2009.  She will be returning again to Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2010 as a pre-conference instructor, teaching a one day workshop on her new “laser cut” technique.  For those who have taken a workshop from Jana before, you know that she is a master at detail and technique  (photo on left is an example  – specific project may

Jana Roberts Benzon

Jana Roberts Benzon

 vary.)  A more detailed description of her workshop is coming, but in the meantime, Jana is excited to debut her “Laser Cut”  technique in this workshop!  People describe these pieces as looking ‘ancient’ or ‘Mayan’…come and learn how to use this super fun and innovative technique to create interesting work with depth, mystique and a seeming history!  Don’t miss your chance to learn from Jana while there is space available. 



ROCHE-Celtic Knot Pendant

ROCHE-Celtic Knot Pendant

Nan has also taught at Cabin Fever Clay Fest in 2008 and 2009.  For CFCF 2010, she has decided to expand her Saturday Pre-Conference workshop to – Celtic Knotting/Braids: Explorations Using Extruded Clay.  She is very excited to teach this workshop which is new and never been taught before. 

Celtic knotting is a challenging knotting system that has been used for over 1000 years in European tribal groups for decoration of jewelry, metal objects, carvings and many other art objects. Using extruded polymer clay it is possible to recreate many of these knots to make beautiful jewelry.        

Braiding, though more familiar, can be simple or quite complex. Simple braids can be grouped for elegance. Multiple strands create round and square braids that are dimensional and complex.  Both are fascinating and beautiful.           

This class will explore both Celtic knotting and braiding using extruded polymer clay that forms cords. The techniques can be combined in unique and unusual ways. Working with polymer clay gives possibilities that fiber cording would not: the ability to shape knots and braids and fix them with baking.   

In this class we will learn how to extrude polymer clay using a clay gun as extruder and a caulking gun for pressure as well as finishing techniques using rubber cording, drilling and sanding and polishing. Students will be encouraged to use and combine the techniques above to create a unique and dramatic piece of jewelry. 

CFCF 2010 – Early Bird Deadline Extended thru Oct. 30…

5 10 2009
CFCF 2010 Instructor photo compilation 2Good news!  We’ve decided to extend the early bird registration discount to you for another month – until 30th October.  
The CFCF workshops being taught by Tony Aquino, Maureen Carlson, Louise Fischer Cozzi, Grant Diffendaffer, Dayle Doroshow, Laurie Mika, Kathryn Jo Ottman, Lisa Pavelka, Sarah Shriver, and Ronna Sarvas Weltman have some spaces available for you but they are filling fast, so don’t wait. 
There are still openings in some of the pre-conference workshops – Nan Roche, Maggie Maggio, and Cindy Silas.
You can find more information on the individual workshops by visiting
Where else can you get hands-on workshops from so many talented and experienced instructors in one place?  And the Holiday Inn hotel is just 20 minutes from downtown Baltimore off of Interstate 95…how convenient! Take Hands-On in Laurel and head to Baltimore for Synergy sessions.
Please pass along this information to members of your guild and friends who may be interested. 

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