7 11 2016

100_5574 Yes, it’s true. You asked for it so we are happy to provide.  Along with a full schedule of workshops presented by our talented instructor line-up, there will be an option for a limited number of people to attend just for the experience of being around other creative types and having fun!

Registration will be opening soon, so take a look at your calendar and plan to join the fun in February 2017!   Links for registration will be LIVE soon…stay tuned!

10th ANNUAL CABIN FEVER COMING – Feb. 18-20, 2017

4 11 2016

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Get ready- it’s coming!  The 10th Annual Cabin Fever Creative Arts Fest is set and will begin taking online registrations in the next few days.  – are you ready?  We are very pleased that our Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award honorees this year are the talented sisters of AnKara Designs, Ann and Karen Mitchell.  They celerated 25 years in the business and will be teaching several full day workshops to help you further develop your design skills and your own look.

Other instructors include: Mags Bonham, Kim Cavender, Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Lisa Haney, Jessie and Jim Miller, Kathryn Jo Ottman, Lisa Pavelka, Barbara Poland-Waters, Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg, Sarah Shriver.


18 05 2016

Robert Dancik

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the charming Robert Dancik for a few years and his work continues to evolve. A few years ago, when he told me he was going to use concrete in his work, I didn’t believe him.  Then, I saw it – unbelievable –  I knew he was a man of innovation and creative brilliance with each of his pieces being unique and telling a different story.

Robert is offering two opportunities for students to learn from his experience.  At MCC, he will teach polymer and other artists how to use the metal work fold forming technique to frame special polymer pendants and the ease of using polymer to set gemstones and other things.

Workshop descriptions and registration form are found here.


16 05 2016

I love polymer – all kinds of polymer creations.  But no work has ever made me more happy to look at than Jana Lehmann’s color work.  She takes a basic color palette and has begun using Tracy Holmes’ BreakThrough Color cards to expand on it – manipulating the color and finally ending up with something that pleases her.   Her eye for color and design has kept her work at the forefront – drawing us in.

What about you? How do you choose your colors? Do you use Tracy’s BTC system?  Send me some stories and photos and your work may be featured here.

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more you can register here for Jana’s workshops at Master Class Camp in June.  Spaces still available in most workshops.


12 05 2016

Some would say find a steady path and stay on it.  Others, myself included, prefer to experiment, modify, and adjust.  Melanie Muir has taken this to heart and will be sharing her extensive knowledge and experimentation with us in June.

While you will be learning all you need to make Melanie’s superb ‘Shards’ necklace at Master Class event in June, when you register for her two day workshop, you will ALSO learn how to make these bold and original ‘Mid Century Modern’ variations!! Because Melanie’s class is technique based, but project inspired, she will be able to spend a bit of time demoing all the tips and tricks for making earrings and pendants too. Great value and you will come away buzzing with new ideas!  Register today.


11 05 2016


Don’t you remember the opening lines of the movie, Pretty Woman?  

So many of us start out with dreams for our future – but will we accomplish them?  And how do we get there?  Some are fortunate enough to have a mentor and champion who helps promote and encourage, but most are left struggling and pushing the limits to achieve their goals.  How sweet it is when they accomplish even small goals – wouldn’t you agree?

We’ve had so many students come through our Cabin Fever and Master Class events – some who have gone on to great success.  Julie Eakes, Barbara Poland-Waters, and Ann Kruglak have tutorials on  Barbara Liedahl has had an article published in Polymer Arts and Lisa Haney is now an ambassador for Makin’s Clay.  There are many more success stories about artists who are willing to push themselves a little further – even pushing the limits to what they want to achieve.

We want to hear your story and Master Class Camp is that safe place where you can come, learn, and share your story while hearing others’ successes (and failures) and continue on to find your happy place. Don’t give up – Will you join us in June?

Master Class Camp Registration form and workshop descriptions here.




6 05 2016

I’ve been fascinated with Jana Lehmann’s use of color and the fact that her work involves very little cane work – just precise placement of design to create veneers.  Her two new full day workshops at Master Class Camp will prove to those who are color challenged that anything is possible!  This may be Jana’s last trip to the US for a while, so if you are on the edge – take the plunge and join her at MCC.  Workshop descriptions and registration form here.

Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg has mastered, among many other things, flower and leaf canes.  Her ability to refine and create such detailed floral covered tiles has won her numerous awards over the years, including Bead Dreams (two years in a row) and Bead and Button honors.  We are so pleased that she will be bringing one of her “classic” workshops to Master Class Camp.  Her detailed TILES workshop will please even the novice.  Workshop descriptions and registration form here


3 05 2016

image1 (1) IMG_3635 (1) (1)Let’s face it, there is a lot of “stuff” out there.  We all make choices in our lives every day, every hour, every minute. But what if what we see we don’t like?  Is there another choice or opportunity available? The answer is usually YES!

So, two of our instructors are changing directions in their class offerings in June. Along with the other inspiring workshops, Sylvie Peraud and Donna Greenberg have each added a new workshop based on what their followers are asking for.  Sylvie is adding this incredibly scrumptious polymer and brass wire workshop (love the texture).   And Donna is adding the Tidal Pool necklace (looks so real!)

Do you want in?  Then download the workshop descriptions and registration form attached and send in as soon as possible.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.


25 04 2016

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How do you like to learn your craft?  These days, there are many more choices that students can make when it comes to how they learn techniques and projects.  All are good in their own respect whether it be online, a video, or in a classroom (see some of the photos above from previous Creative ARTs Fests events.)

However, I believe there is nothing better than being in a classroom, face-to-face with the teacher, watching as they work their magic and amaze students with their techniques.  Master Class Camp offers this opportunity from eight internationally acclaimed instructors and you can take up to 4 workshops over 4 days in a laid-back environment.  Interacting with other students and learning more tricks of the trade is fun too.

So, what are you waiting for, my friends?  Jump on board with the other folks who are excited for MCC 2016.  We’ll save you a spot!

CLICK HERE to download the registration form and workshop descriptions and register today.


19 04 2016


Nope, not talking about the election, although I find it fascinating and scary at the same time.  I’m talking about learning and absorbing every bit of knowledge that can possibly fit into your brain.  I’m talking about growing and using your creative energy and steering away from inertia.

Honestly, that’s where I’ve been for the past 6 or so years.  Not able to find enough time in the studio and dealing with a creative block – one that I intend to break through this year.  So, in selecting instructors for the Creative ARTs events, I consider many things, including the medium (preference to polymer) and look at how much the artist/instructor pushes themselves to develop new and exciting avenues for their work.

I can say that each instructor at Master Class Camp in June has excelled at this.  It’s positively packed with the kind of mental energy to move me and others willing to take the plunge, onto the next phase of our body of work.

So, I ask you this question again – Who will you choose?  Workshop information and registration form is available here.

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