6 05 2014

Someone wrote me recently and asked if they would be allowed to attend Master Class Camp since they were not a Master Artisan.  That’s when I realized that perhaps another explanation of what CREATIVE  ARTS FESTS Master Class Camp is all about.

1. You DO NOT have to be a Master Artisan to attend.

2. You DO need to have the drive and desire to improve your techniques when creating your work.  Your color palette, design concept, and finishing techniques all need to be developed and refined to say – hey, this is my work and I’m proud of it.

3. You DO need to want to immerse yourself for 2-6 full days in the teaching from the very eclectic and talented instructors who are coming to teach from all over.  They love to share their knowledge and it’s important to keep your mind open for some mind-changing Ah-Ha moments that may change your path.

That being said,  Lindly Hauanai, Sarah Shriver, and Sandra McCaw will all use their variations of the Skinner Blend technique to develop your color palette and compose beautiful blends for use in your work.  Each of them have their own twist on color and teach very different concepts.  BUT, they all are seasoned professionals and well worth the time you will spend with them to develop your own twist of their techniques.

Don’t wait…we are just 2 1/2 months away from MCC and workshops are filling.  Discount applies if you get your registration and full payment in by May 15th SO – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  WHAT IS YOUR DREAM FOR YOUR WORK?



29 04 2014

just off northRobert Dancik has been around the Art Jewelry world for a very long time. He’s had his hand in many mediums and has inspired and encouraged many a student. Having worked with polymer extensively, Robert brings his expertise to Master Class Camp in Laurel to teach unique cold connection techniques using polymer, metal, and found objects. Robert does not get to this area much, so don’t miss your chance to learn from this Master. Registration is ongoing until full.



28 03 2014
Master Class Camp 2014

Master Class Camp 2014


IT IS OFFICIAL and worth the wait!    Registration for the 2nd Annual Master Class Camp from July 16-21, 2014 in Laurel, MD is now open!  We’ve got an incredible line-up of instructors once again and know that you won’t be disappointed.  It’s a one-of-a-kind event and a chance of a lifetime for some attendees.

Instructors include: Dan Cormier, Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Lindly Haunani,  Loretta Lam, Robert Dancik, Sandra McCaw, Melanie Muir, Marie Segal, Sarah Shriver, and Ponsawan Sila!

More information coming soon, but don’t wait -workshops will fill quickly!  We’ve included a payment plan (50% now, 50% later) and if you pay in full by May 15th, you can take a $30 discount on your registration!  Email with any questions you may have.  We look forward to seeing you in July.


28 09 2013
Gwen Gibson 1934-2013

Gwen Gibson 1934-2013

As the Summer closes and Fall begins, I look back and think about why we are here. What happens as the seasons of our lives change?  Earlier this week, seasons changed in the polymer world as a true icon left us. Gwen Gibson (1934-2013) was truly an innovator, not only in the world of polymer, but in the world of the creative and inspiring spirit.  In her words, she had  “An appetite for fresh experience and the need to keep moving (to) take me places I would never have imagined beforehand. Because I find the unknown tempting, I’m often drawn to projects that have no predictable outcome…” We lost the physical person of Gwen this week on September 24 at 4PM PDT, but her spirit and influence will live on, driving many to experiment in their work and take the next step, not knowing where it will lead, but knowing that they will enjoy the journey getting there. With the approval of her husband, Jerry, we will be paying tribute to

Gwen Gibson - Kabuki Cuff photographer unknown

Gwen Gibson – Kabuki Cuff photographer unknown

Gwen during the CFCF 2014 evening celebration, including awarding a CFCF creative scholarship in Gwen’s honor.  Dayle Doroshow, Sarah Shriver, and some of Gwen’s other friends will share with us many good memories about her gentle spirit and creative genius.  In addition, attendees are invited to make Gwen-inspired beads to donate and trade. If you’d like to help us celebrate Gwen’s life and to join us for one, two or up to eight days of creative fun and celebration, click HERE to download the registration form and workshop descriptions.  Then, warm up your clay, put on your thinking cap and let your imagination take you to where you’ve never been before.


30 05 2013

PENTAX ImageThat’s right…time to diss that funk.  If you are in a creative slump and have some spare time available in July, come join the Master instructors in Laurel, MD and give that funk the bunk!

I feel like I have been in a creative funk for over three years – could have something to do with my almost three-year-old son, but my mind has been focused on toys and books and not on what I can create next.  However, a few weeks ago I attended the Baltimore Bead Society meeting to see a presentation by Jeffrey Lloyd Dever.  Jeff  modified the presentation he had given in Atlanta about using everyday and found objects to make art.  His work was incredibly intriguing and seductive.  I hoped that I could get just a fraction of his creative spark.  Then a few days ago, I picked up some interesting children’s books and started looking at the construction of my son’s toy trucks and BAMMM! the light bulb went on.  I jotted my ideas down on paper – now to find the time to actually sit down and work them through is another story.

The gist is – if you look all around you and keep an open mind the ideas will come.  The MCC has classes for everyone — sculpting, caning, construction, and a unique class on heat forming bamboo.  Let the Masters help you and GROW those ideas into something exceptional.

Spaces still available in all classes (except Jeffrey Lloyd Dever.)  Check out class info and registration form HERE.


24 05 2013

Carol Simmons VeneersCarol Simmons has fast become one of the experts in the community for conceptualizing and developing beautiful kaleidoscope canes.  We are fortunate to have her join us to teach at the Master Class Camp in Laurel, Maryland July 28-29, 2013.  She will present an intensive 2-day version of: Covering Uncovered: Exploring Kaleidoscope Cane Veneers.  

According to Carol, her fascination with polymer clay began in 1995 when she purchased a Fimo Clay assortment gift for a niece and Carol herself couldn’t stop playing with it. It’s no surprise that she love’s color and the process of mixing colors. She challenges herself  to develop new color combinations outside her comfort zone.  These self-induced challenges have lead her to create some undeniably beautiful canes and win her some awards.

She is passionate about bringing the versatility of polymer to others and enjoys teaching as much as creating – even as a young girl she organized a neighborhood Arts and Crafts club so she could teach.  Her teaching has taken her across the country and all over the world.  She is coming to the Washington, DC area for the first time…don’t miss this opportunity. CLS-pic

To register for Carol’s workshop, Covering Uncovered: Exploring Kaleidoscope Cane Veneers,  download the workshop info and registration form here.

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