11 05 2016


Don’t you remember the opening lines of the movie, Pretty Woman?  

So many of us start out with dreams for our future – but will we accomplish them?  And how do we get there?  Some are fortunate enough to have a mentor and champion who helps promote and encourage, but most are left struggling and pushing the limits to achieve their goals.  How sweet it is when they accomplish even small goals – wouldn’t you agree?

We’ve had so many students come through our Cabin Fever and Master Class events – some who have gone on to great success.  Julie Eakes, Barbara Poland-Waters, and Ann Kruglak have tutorials on  Barbara Liedahl has had an article published in Polymer Arts and Lisa Haney is now an ambassador for Makin’s Clay.  There are many more success stories about artists who are willing to push themselves a little further – even pushing the limits to what they want to achieve.

We want to hear your story and Master Class Camp is that safe place where you can come, learn, and share your story while hearing others’ successes (and failures) and continue on to find your happy place. Don’t give up – Will you join us in June?

Master Class Camp Registration form and workshop descriptions here.





2 responses

17 05 2016
Gail Jahn

I have been trying to register online, but have not been able to access an online registration form. How do I handle this. I also have a friend who wishes to do the same. Could it be that all classes are full?

17 05 2016

Hello, Gail. I’ve sent the link for workshops below and you can pay online through PayPal. No, workshops are not full yet – still have room for you. Email to

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