13 02 2015

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Creating under pressure can often be stressful.  But I realize each year as we begin Cabin Fever, that attending for some is their get-away, a time for relaxing and allowing their inner artist (many are doctors, nurses, IT people with a lot of daily pressure) to come out to play and be massaged.

We had an exciting first day of Cabin Fever Creative Arts Fest 2015 and the rooms were abuzz!  And, goody bags overflowing – but it’s just the beginning.  We have 6 more days of immersing ourselves into our art and absorbing what we can from the over-abundance of creative talent.

Nan Roche, Marie Segal, and Eugena Topina were our first instructors up and they didn’t disappoint.  Today, Nan and Marie come back for their collaborative workshop on Bauhaus design, the Mitchell sisters bring on their engineering and design expertise, Robert Dancik shows us how concrete is not just for sidewalks any more and Christi Friesen shares how to dramatically adorn ourselves.

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Tonight also begins the first of two nights of our newly added mini-workshops which are open to public registration.  Maureen Carlson, Anke Humpert, and Mags Bonham join us for tonight.  Cost is $35 and you can register onsite. Can not wait!




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