CFCAF 2015: 4 DAYS TIL COLLABORATION – Artists working together

8 02 2015

Collaboration in many fields is the key to success.  So it is in our world as well.  This year, we have two collaborative teams to choose from.

Karen and Ann Mitchell

Karen and Ann Mitchell

Ann and Karen Mitchell are the first and  have been collaborating since they were children…they are sisters after all.  Together, they created ANKARA Designs over two decades ago and their success lies in their ability to create new work.  Their inspiration comes from all around them and they will be sharing their focus in two workshops at Cabin Fever next week.

The first is their full-day workshop on Friday, 13 Feb., is about Engineering and Design in Jewelry Construction. Together, they create each piece to be as unique as they are and they will share their tricks and tips with you on putting your components together into a spectacular piece.

Their second offering is a 2-hour mini-workshop on Monday night, Feb. 16, from 7-9.  In this brief time, Ann and Karen will talk with you about ways to get out of that creative rut and find your unique style and inspiration. Both workshops still have availability.  You can also register onsite for the 2-hour minis.



The second collaborative team we’d like to look at is Nan Roche and Marie Segal.  They’ve known each other for years, but it wasn’t until 2013 that they decided to collaborate on a teaching venture.  It worked!  So they are back again in 2015 teaching their polymer take on Bauhaus design on Friday, 13 Feb. I can guarantee never a dull moment in this workshop and so many ways to apply the technique.  Openings still available.



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