28 10 2014


Hello, my friends.  Please forgive my absence, but it’s been a long, challenging few months – I am looking forward to seeing the bright side of things very soon.  My intention was to get the registration for CFCAF 2015 up by midnight, 10/28, but I ran into a few snafus and just couldn’t get it done.  So, I will take my leave now and get some sleep in anticipation of succeeding with my task tomorrow (today!)  I guarantee  you that you will not be disappointed!  Get ready to send in your registrations…the first 50 people to register and pay in full will receive a special commemorative bag!  And, payment plan will still apply for those who need a little extra time to gather funds.

The line-up of instructors is incredible and I feel very fortunate to have them joining us.  Cabin Fever Creative Arts Fest 2015 Instructors include: Maureen Carlson, Jana Roberts Benzon, Robert Dancik, Dayle Doroshow, Christi Friesen, Lindly Haunani, Anke Humpert, Doreen Kassel, Randee Ketzel, Ann and Karen Mitchell, Melanie Muir, Kathryn Jo Ottman, Nan Roche, Marie Segal, Eugena Topina, and Teri Walters.

Just a couple of picture to give you an idea of what I’ve been dealing with since I returned home from Master Class Camp in late July.  I have been unable to use my kitchen and hall bathroom since then.  We are well, but exhausted. Looking forward to finally getting my home back.100_4979 100_5098




4 responses

29 10 2014
Lorrene Baum-Davis

Great line up for your event.

30 10 2014

Thanks, Lorrene. Hope you are doing well.

29 10 2014
Gloria Askin

Hope you get some well needed rest. I’m so sorry you have had such a bad time. This looks like it will be a rousing success. That should cheer you.

30 10 2014

Thanks so much, Gloria. I don’t think that “well needed rest” is in my future anytime soon, but that’s ok. It’s just been a challenging time beginning with my Mom’s death in 2013 and 3 car accidents, PT, the water/waste water leaks, and finally a lot of disappointments and trusts broken. Will persevere…and it’s going to be a rockin’ good time! Hope you can join us for some of the fun and to honor Maureen Carlson.

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