25 06 2014

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We are just 3 weeks away from the 2nd Master Class Camp and things are heating up.  Getting excited about having these talented instructors join us and looking forward to seeing what the students in each of these classes bring to life.  That’s the great thing about organizing this type of event – we get to see the diversity of the talented attendees too!

Will you be joining us? Below is a list of the instructors and availability.  Not too late to register! Click here to download registration form and workshop info. 

  • Jeffrey Lloyd Dever – space available
  • Lindly Haunani – space available
  • Marie Segal – space available
  • Sarah Shriver – space available
  • Sandra McCaw – space available
  • Ponsawan Sila – space available
  • Robert Dancik – space available
  • Melanie Muir – FULL
  • Loretta Lam – FULL
  • Dan Cormier – spaces available in both workshops

We have two impromptu evening workshops planned and will also be having a few demos of new products, so join us near the Nation’s Capitol for a few days and see if you can kick your creativity into action.  Get that muse in gear!



2 responses

25 06 2014

I am so excited about attending the Clay Fest in July. When will we get the supply lists? I would like to get my clay on sale.

25 06 2014

Hi, Laura. The supply lists have been sent out several times already. Please check your email inbox for something from See you in a few weeks. Also, polyform will be providing a lot of the clay, so you may not need to bring too much. I also have a store on-site with some clay and supplies.

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