1 04 2014


Dan Cormier's Surfboard Choker

Dan Cormier’s Surfboard Choker


Well, registration has been opened for a few days now and workshops are beginning to fill.  Still time and room for you to join us at this unique event.

And, yes, I know…rushing through things is never good. So, that’s what I did and then a big oopsie happened!

You’ve asked about the overlapping workshops and I’ve done my best to adjust.  I’ve made some changes to the MCC schedule so there will be fewer overlaps in the teaching schedule.  CLICK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE UPDATED  registration form and workshop schedule, moving Dan Cormier’s workshop to Friday/Saturday, July 18/19 and his finishing workshop which can be taken independently to Sunday, July 2014.


2014 Master Class Camp Descriptions and Registration-rev1




11 responses

1 04 2014
Nifty Stuff

Hi! Can I cancel the Sunday with Dan and sign up to Sarah Shriver’s course? I can pay the $145 difference via PayPal, if there’s room?

If this is good – can you tell me also, if there’s room for another in Sarah’s? I have a friend coming with me who also would like to go to that one.

Many thanks!


1 04 2014

Hello, Gail. Got your info and all is fine. Yes, room in Sarah’s workshop…have her send along her form and fees. See you in July!

2 04 2014

Wish I was up there to rake the class…

2 04 2014

What time is Dan Cormier’s Bare Essentials 1-day workshop on 7/20?

2 04 2014

All MCC workshops begin at 8:30AM and end at 5:00PM with a 1 1/2 hour lunch.

5 04 2014
Kelly Hagan

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the form indicates that credit cards are accepted but I do not see a space on the registration form where the credit card number can be written. I would like to sign up for Dan Cormier’s Sunday class. Also for those of us who work Monday through Friday, having Saturday- Sunday workshops would be ideal! I was disappointed to see the only Sat-Sun workshop disappear with the “adjustment.” Kelly Hagan MD

7 04 2014

Thank you for your message. Yes, credit card payments are accepted through PayPal only at this time. Go to and click on tab at top of page to send payment to This will cost an additional fee, but you can use CC. Yes, the change was because we made an error initially with the format, so we apologize for the inconvenience. We will re-evaluate for next year and may set up to allow for weekend only workshops. Thank you for your input.

16 04 2014

Hi there,
So keen to travel from Oz to take the masterclass. I need some advise about the venue and accommodation near the venue etc…may have missed it on the webpage…sorry…getting excited and hoping I haven’t missed out.
Ta heaps

16 04 2014

Yippee…found the Holiday Inn details on the registration form. Thanks

21 04 2014

Kathleen, looking forward to seeing you in July. Bring summer clothes for outside, warm clothes for inside…it gets pretty steamy here in July.

7 05 2014

Hi, Kathleen! Received your registration form and looking forward to having you join us at Master Class Camp. I am sending you an email with additional info I need. See you in July and safe travels!

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