8 02 2013
Ottman-Pantone Spring 2013 Color Chips

Ottman-Pantone Spring 2013 Color Chips

Hey all.  Have been busy mixing colors (recipes available for purchase), packing goody bags and printing things, but thought I’d share these short little videos with you.  If you’ve ever wondered what to do with those dull clay blades, here’s a tut on how to clean and sharpen them.

Here’s another regarding safety and your blades.  Mark the dull side with a bright color nail polish!

  • And, as long as we are on YouTube, here’s a little inspiration for you caners out there…this guy is truly amazing – the quantity of clay and size of canes is amazing! This artist, Adam Thomas Rees, has got a lot of videos that might be of interest…lots of fun if you’ve got some time to spare and are tired of the news and the TV dramas!  See this caning video here.  Watch another fun video here showing the process of covering a large sculpture.  Wonder what his oven looks like!



5 responses

8 02 2013
Ann Davis

Owwhhh that top row of colors looks dreamy:)) Can I buy the recipes at the show??

8 02 2013

Ann, CFCF attendees will be getting them from me. Watch your email!

9 02 2013
joyce king

I have been meaning to write this group and thank all of you that donated hearts last year for the veterans. I’ve been working on more hearts and am hoping to be able to give a good amount out this year to the veterans on Veterans day. I appreciate your help and wanted to make sure you all knew it. My apologies for it taking so long to thank you~
joyce king

10 02 2013
Marcia Morton

One (or more) of his videos describes his oven and how he built it.

27 02 2013

Where can I purchase the color recipes! Must have!

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