3 02 2013
Some CFCF goodies

Some CFCF goodies

I’ve struggled for the past two days to write this post but things keep happening!

As I prepare for CFCF to begin in less than two weeks, I realize I am really ready to be creative once again.   As many of you  know, I had a precious little boy 2 1/2 years ago and being a single parent, there is a rare moment that I have time to go into the studio to create.  He’s up at 6:30 AM and is a whirlwind throughout the day, sometimes not ready to sleep until 9 PM!  By that time, I am ready for bed myself, but push myself to work a bit. Needless to say, it is a struggle sometimes.

My home is being overrun with boxes at this point!  Three delivered early last week, then another thirteen large boxes (yes, 13!) last Friday.  Then six boxes on Tuesday, four on Thursday and again a large one from the Netherlands on Friday.  We are going to have a lot of happy campers this year!  When I’m not entertaining or chasing my little man around, I’m busy printing schedules and tags, organizing supplies, packing goody bags, sending follow up emails to instructors and attendees, posting on social media sites, writing vendors and artists for auction donations, and answering lots of questions.  Somewhere in there I fit in all the other requirement of the day, but I do have fun!

Despite the reality of my life, I have worked hard each year for six years to put together an event that is educational, affordable, and fun for attendees and instructors.  The instructors, my fellow artists, are, of course, the key to the success of CFCF and I am grateful for the passion they exude and attention they provide their students when teaching their workshops.  Attendees most always walk away with a renewed sense of confidence in themselves, their work, and a few new friends who look forward to their next time together creating.

Kruglak Blue Octopot

Kruglak Blue Octop

Over the years, we’ve also had a lot of talent among our attendees – those who have earned notoriety in their own right.  Ann Kruglak has attended CFCF every year, and even though she’s only been working with polymer since 2008, she’s been recognized in American Style Magazine , has been a Progress and Possibilities winner several times. Some of you who’ve attended CFCF may have donated your scrap clay to her and it should be noted that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of her work is donated to earth-related charities.

Julie Eakes is another attendee who has gone on to do great things.  She attended the first three CFCFs before I asked her to teach at the PCCAF Fall event in Wisconsin and eventually teach at CFCF (see this video interview with her by CFCF attendee, Alison Torres).  We haven’t seen Julie since then, but just check out this amazing video of what she’s been up to and her work on a unique mosaic piece. She’s also written a book and continues to find time to teach around the country.  Just amazing, Julie, can’t wait for you to come back and see us!

SILAS: Wired Enamel Illusions

Silas Enamel Illusions

Another CFCF attendee, Carol Lessans, was recently mentioned in Cynthia Tinapple‘s weekly Studio Mojo newsletter  Carol’s been experimenting a lot and her unique use of stamps, color, and guilder’s paste makes for a beautiful (and useful) piece of art.  Check out her recent project here.

There are many talented artists among us and I’d like to highlight more. Cindy Silas, who has attended CFCF a few years, has also taught at CFCF several times.  She’s gone on to be published in several magazines and books, and has presented at a metal clay conference and is a finalist in this year’s Saul Bell Awards (for metal clay artists). She was pleased to share that she has her own book coming out in Spring 2014, to be published by Lark.  Looking forward to that!

So, the moral of the story is, not everyone wants to be published, or to teach, or even to sell their work, but CFCF has something for everyone. Whether you are a newbie or professional, you’ll have fun and learn.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be teaching at CFCF someday!



3 responses

3 02 2013
Analicia Rodríguez

Love it all when will you come to PR

4 02 2013
Cindy Silas

What a fun surprise to be mentioned in your post! Thank you Kathryn!! Even though I’m just attending CFCF’s celebration night this year, I’m RealLY looking forward to seeing everyone and wouldn’t miss it for the world. Can’t wait :))

5 02 2013

See you then, Cindy!

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