1 04 2012

It’s been over one month since the 5th Annual Cabin Fever Clay Fest in Laurel, MD and my head is still reeling from all of the information I received.  So much creativity in one location!   CFCF started like a whirlwind and ended the same…with all enjoying their days of non-stop playing, claying, wiring, and inspiring 24/7.  My plans for posting everyday and including videos, etc. went out the window Friday, the first day.  Jeff Dever, enamelist Barbara Lewis, and Marie Segal welcomed the early birds who decided to take pre-conference classes.  Saturday brought Liz Potter Hall with her first teaching experience, and CFCF favorites Lindly Haunani and Nan Roche.  Sunday, Jana Roberts Benzon and Sarah Shriver both taught some new and very exciting techniques as students watched, mesmerized and engrossed in the learning process. Wow!  What else can you do with clay…it’s just amazing!  The rest of the week was filled with much fun, laughter, and lots of clay!

Barbara LewisJeff DeverMarie Segal

On Tuesday evening, our honoree, Marie Segal, was presented with the Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award by Sarah Shriver and Nan Roche.  They took a walk down memory lane and told a few funny stories then spoke of their appreciation for what she and her husband, Howard, had done for the polymer clay community. Other attendees also got up and expressed their gratitude for the groundwork laid by Marie…opening many opportunities for so many.  To learn more about Marie’s long history with Polymer Clay, visit her website, blog, and Clay Factory store!

We learned on Saturday, 18 Feb., that Laura Tabakman’s father had passed away and so she was unable to teach as she traveled home to Argentina to spend time with family.  Two seasoned instructors and friends, Lindly Haunani and Nan Roche, both stepped up, rearranged their schedules, and offered to teach Laura’s classes for her.  At times, the generosity and support of members of the community never cease to amaze me.

Thank you to the incredible line up of conference instructors: Barbara LewisBlair AndersonDoreen KasselJana Roberts Benzon, Jeffrey Lloyd DeverKathryn Jo OttmanLinda HessLindly HaunaniLiz Potter HallLynne Ann SchwarzenbergMarie Segal, Nan Roche, Sarah Shriver, and Shannon Nelson. .  They all gave it their best and then some…incredible projects and inspiration.  To see photos from the workshops and celebration, click here.

Thank you, also, to our donors and sponsors.  Please take a moment to click on their logos below and visit the sites to see what they have to offer!

Click here to add a Rings & Things catalog to an online order.   STAEDTLER FIMO and Noris Club modelling clay & accessories       



Thank you again to all of our supporters and attendees (and to my sister, Jenni who took great care of little Christian…love ya sis!)  We’ll see you back in Laurel, MD next year from February 15-21, 2013.

Our honoree for CFCF 2013 – Lindly Haunani!  Start saving and plan to come honor Lindly.  We already have a great line-up of instructors with more to be added.




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3 04 2012

Thank you Kathryn! With out your hours and hours of work, months and months of time, your dependable helpers, and your dedication, this wonderful event never would have happened. What a great job you did.
Thank you so much for recognizing Howard and I, it is something that will stay in my heart for the rest of my life.
I appreciate it so much, thank you for saying it out loud.
What a nice thing to do.

3 04 2012

Thanks, Marie. Yes, we’ve got a good crew and makes it all worth while. Take care and see you next year!

3 04 2012

Marie…it was long deserved – well overdue. Many appreciate all that you and Howard have done…and wouldn’t be where they are without you.

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