30 11 2011

SEGAL: Unzipped Heart 2

Marie Segal will be teaching two workshops at CFCF 2012 and will be awarded the Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award at the CFCF 2012 Celebration.  To register for Marie’s workshop, download registration form here. She  is an incredible artist who started on her creative journey with oil paints at the age of 10, after working with crayons, paints, and puzzles. Her love of crafts began with doing craft projects with her mother and watching her family do the hands-on work, turning each of their homes into beautiful living spaces.

Later, she began working with ceramics and learned much from some brilliant teachers at a progressive high school.  She was encouraged by her parents and continued to explore while working a “regular” day job. She met her husband, Howard, at one of her jobs and they continued their artistic pursuits together… he becoming her cheerleader.

They happened upon polymer clay at a craft show in California in the late 70’s.  Although she didn’t know what this medium was, she was fascinated by it and the immediacy and ceramic-like quality. They searched to try to find where it was available for sale and finally found it in an international toy store, promoted as a child’s toy product. She saw the numerous possibilities and potential for polymer.

SEGAL: Unzipped Heart 1

She began creating with polymer and she and Howard coined it the “new age” modeling medium. They started selling their products, doing shows, swap meets, and home shows and teaching others how to use it. She had a thriving gift business with employees and her work was in showrooms on 5th avenue in New York and Los Angeles, selling to Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Bullock’s and the Icing, just to name a few. She believes this helped move polymer clay in to the mainstream view.

In 1994, she approached Polyform Products about producing an American-made polymer clay and in 1995, Polyform agreed providing Marie and Howard sold it.  So, CFC or Clay Factory Clay was born.  She worked with the chemist at Polyform to develop an artist’s color palette of clay colors. Later, Polyform took over the promotion and marketing of the clay and renamed it Premo Sculpey.  It was the first time Polyform had sold their clay materials to Art stores that could relate to the painters palette. Marie traveled all over the world for Polyform, promoting, educating, and selling Premo. It was a wonderful and symbiotic relationship for many years.  She also was active in writing 100’s of articles, books, trainings, and creating videos and TV spots for the public, magazines and in company literature.

Marie Segal

Marie is now working with Cernit polymer clay because she loves its color palette, consistency, finish, hardness, and the extreme durability after baking. The porcelain effect of the clay reminds her she has come full circle from working with ceramics. This change has expanded her creative abilities beyond her expectations and opened new areas that she believes might not have happened without the change.

Marie still makes, writes, sells, teaches, and operates several on line store with her husband, Howard, and spends as much time as possible with her grand children.  In her words, “my life is good!!!” To register for Marie’s workshop, download registration form here.

SEGAL - All Wired Up Samples

SEGAL – All Wired Up (Pre-Conference)

You’ll get wired as Marie teaches you to play with wire and learn some of her unique ideas for using wire with polymer clay. The workshop is geared primarily toward creating earring and findings, but you will also explore a plethora of techniques marrying wire and polymer clay to make your own mini pieces of art to wear, gift and sell.

Marie joins us this year as the 2012 Creative Pioneer and Innovator honoree.  Join her as she shares her years of experience with you.   To register for Marie’s workshop, download registration form here.

SEGAL- Unzipped Heart (4-hour workshop)

This will the first time Marie will be teaching these Unzipped hearts to anyone. You will play with design ideas and make an unzipped heart pendant.

SEGAL: Unzipped Heart 3

She will share with you all of her secrets and techniques for one of her most popular designs ever.  1. How to make and add the pendant bail. 2.Stamping the heart on both the front and the back at the same time and how to do with several methods. 3. Molding and making the zipper. 4. Adding the zipper to the pendant.  5. Finishing and detailing the pendant.

Come play with her and learn how to make these wonderful pendants with all the detail and finish them like she does. There will be a kit fee for this class TBA.  To register for Marie’s workshop, download registration form here.



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