17 11 2011

We’ve recently received exciting news and a request from three of our CFCF 2012 Instructors. Please read entire post…thanks!

LEWIS - Painting With Fire Beads

Barbara Lewis, pre-conference instructor, released her new book “Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry: A Workshop in Painting with Fire” earlier this year.  Her book has been named #1 Craft Book of 2011 at Amazon!  It’s quite amazing!  Read more about it here!

To learn more about Barbara’s class at CFCF and to register for her workshop, click here.


Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg has been named the recipient of the 2012 Excellence in Bead Artistry Award from Bead and Button!!  The award is only given to one person per year and it’s only been given to one other polymer clay artist…Nan Roche…BOTH of the recipients will be teaching at CFCF.  The award is underwritten by Shipwreck Beads and Lynne Ann will receive a $1,000 gift certificate.  Congrats, Lynne Ann!

To learn more about Lynne Ann’s class at CFCF and to register for her workshop, click here.

HAUNANI: Rainbow roll necklace

Finally, Lindly Haunani has been guest blogging on PCD and sent this special request for you all to take a few minute to complete an online survey.  The purpose is to get info on the polymer clay use in the community to send along to manufacturers, etc.

If you haven’t taken this survey- please do. If you already have taken this survey- please share with your polymer friends on Facebook, your blog, online polymer clay groups and personal email lists. Their goal is to have  over 500 people worldwide take this survey = individual voices heard as a group on these vital issues.  The link to the survey is here!    Lindly sends out special Kudos to Mags Bonham (who will be attending CFCF 2012!) who spear-headed the efforts to get this survey up and running.  And for additional comments or questions not included, go here.

To learn more about Lindly’s workshops at CFCF 2012 and to register find out more here.

Post your comments below as well…we want to know what you think!




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