10 11 2011

HESS- Belt Bonanza

This is Linda’s first time teaching at CFCF, although she has attended CFCF several times as a student.  She’s been working with polymer clay since 1994 after she bought a polymer item from an artist asked a lot of questions.  Shortly after, she went to a craft store to buy some clay and started on her polymer journey-she was hooked!
She currently teaches polymer clay classes to children in after-school groups in Virginia and to adults at local bead shops and bead shows.  She enjoys working with polymer clay and has never looked at it as “work.” Her work is available at craft shows, online, and through local shops. She describes her style as multi media and multi-dimensional and she sculpts, canes, quilts, paints, sews, works in paper and scrapbooks…truly a multi-faceted crafter.  She is married and has three (beautiful) children.  Welcome, Linda!

HESS – Belt Bonanza (4-hour workshop)

What is the best thing to complete an outfit?  Why the perfect accessory!  I have been creating belts for

Linda Hess

multiple years from polymer clay that have even the seasoned clayer amazed.  For this class I will teach a variety of techniques (texturing, painting, stamping, simple caning, etc) that can be turned into components for the perfect belt.  Not a fan of belts?  This class can still be for you!  All techniques can be incorporated into pendants, pins, bracelets, and earrings.  NOTE: This class will only be taught once during CFCF 2012.  To register for Linda’s conference workshop, download registration form here.




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14 11 2011
Craft Ideas

Great post today. I really enjoyed reading it very much. Beading is something I truly enjoy doing very much. Thanks again for sharing.

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