5 11 2011

ROCHE - Leatherworking Tile

Nan has been working with polymer clay since the late ’80s and is the author of the very first book written on the subject, “The New Clay”. In Feb. 2010, she received the first, Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award.  She is bringing her years of experience and wonderful talent to the Cabin Fever Clay Fest again for the fifth year in a row.  She is one of the best and brightest … eager to share her experience with all.  Her work was recently showcased at the opening of Terra Nova at the RAM in Racine, Wisconsin along with other pioneers in the polymer world.

ROCHE – Chasing and Leatherwork with Polymer Clay (Pre-conference)

Nan Roche

Chasing is a metalworking technique that forms a raised or dimensional design by pushing down or compressing the metal, leather or polymer around the edges of an image, “raising” the image. The inspirations for this class are the techniques used in leatherworking, a form of chasing.  We will be creating a pendant or pin using chasing by transferring a design onto the clay surface. Then, using a variety of tools of many shapes and textures we will press down around the design, causing the design to be raised. We will experiment with layered clay using this technique and will also add details onto our raised images. We will be sanding and buffing to  a high shine with sandpaper or using 0000 steel wool to give a matte surface. I will also teach my approach to using rubber cording.  This class is suitable for all skill levels.

 To register for Nan’s workshop, download registration form here.




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