2 11 2011

Doreen creates her quirky creatures in her Hopewell, NJ studio/storefront.  Her work is inspired by love of E.H. Shepard, (The Wind in the Willows illustrator), William Holbrook Beard, anthropomorphism without sugar, vintage toys and all the old and wonderful books and beasts of her youth, lovingly given to her by her Grandma and Aunt.
Her creatures and stories have grown out of her many years of children’s book illustration and have taken off, almost on their own. She loves giving form to them and feels so fortunate to have such a passion for these small souls and the opportunity to spend every day working in her studio.
Doreen crafts each one out of polymer, imbuing them with attitude and emotion, getting the right turn of the head or rise of the cheek.  Animals who wear clothes clutter the studio and continue to multiply.  Right now her attention has turned to Story Tiles, Beastly Pendants, ornaments, small sculpture and all sorts of Uncommon Creatures.
Her images have been used for many books, magazines, toys, puzzles, greeting cards, Christmas ornaments and textiles. Her clientshave ranged from puzzle design for Unicef, poster illustration for HBO, Book illustration and toys for National Geographic.   See her website(s) for a more complete look at her work.  Doreen’s art has been selected for juried shows and has won awards in several international competitions.  She loves sharing her enthusiasm for creating and has a great time teaching in her Hopewell, New Jersey Studio/ storefront and in libraries and bookstores along the East Coast.

KASSEL: Little Bunny Pendant

KASSEL – Tiny creature pendants (4-hour workshop) Tues. 8AM

In this workshop we’ll create the tiniest, sweetest animal pendants. Starting with a small ball of ultra light clay & an eye pin we’ll use Premo clay to sculpt creatures onto the baked ultra light, creating charming & offbeat the little pendants. After they’ve been baked again, we use a technique of applying, rubbing & reapplying oil paints to achieve a vintage feeling.
Don’t worry if sculpting isn’t your strong suit, my students are so pleasantly surprised by what they’ve been able to sculpt. I break down the steps of creating a three dimensional piece so it’s possible for everyone. NOTE: This workshop will only be taught once during CFCF 2012. To register for Doreen’s workshop, download registration form here.  

KASSEL – Personal Journal Tiles (4-hour workshop) Wed. 8AM

We will be creating our own journal narratives sculpturally on a tile. Think of what you want to say, what’s important to you, who & what you love, remember, etc. This tile is a self portrait including my happiness, stress, loved ones, a bit of history visible only to me.
It’s a fun exercise, it’s always a surprise to see what comes out when we let our thoughts & feelings out on the page, or in this case, the tile. Using Premo, sculpted in relief over a ceramic tile & painted with oil paints in multiple steps, we’ll use color, texture & design, as always, to create a beautiful, personal piece of art.  NOTE: This workshop will only be taught once during CFCF 2012.  To register for Doreen’s workshop, download registration form here.

Doreen Gay-Kassel




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