21 10 2011

BENZON: Taking Flight Dimensional Cutwork

Jana is a unique artist with a distinctive style all her own.  CFCF is pleased to have her teaching both a pre-conference workshop as well as a 4-hour conference workshop.  She has worked in several different media throughout her creative life, but her focus turned to polymer clay when she discovered its limitless creative potential.  She has been a slave to polymer clay ever since, creating detailed, intricate work from an intuitive, emotional and very personal ‘place’.    Jana teaches workshops internationally, and has been published in numerous online and print media articles and features.   She has received awards in several competitions and sells her work through art galleries. She lives and creates in the shadows of the majestic Wasatch Mountain Range of Utah. To register for either of Jana’s workshop, download registration form here.

BENZON-Bargello Style Woven Bracelet

ROBERTS BENZON  – “New Age Bargello”; Taking It to the Next Level (Pre-conference)

From the moment I first began creating this new, updated version of Bargello, I’ve looked forward to the day when I’d be able to teach it – how excited I am that I’ll have the opportunity to spend a full day with you prior to Cabin Fever, sharing this ‘out of the box’ technique!  These new pieces have been referred to as (looking like) beadwork, woven textile, leather and even ceramic…regardless, it can be turned into any finished art project you can conjure!  In our workshop, we’ll create a brooch pin or pendant (and even earrings, if there is time).  We will begin our day by creating a multi-process, dimensional ‘sheet’ (during which you’ll no doubt have many ah-ha moments and learn some really great, new ‘tricks’!); after the lunch break, we’ll turn that sheet into patterned Bargello – you’ll have the opportunity to choose which pattern you’d like to create (or come up with one of your own!).  We’ll then create the finished brooch or pendant,  with instruction that includes loads of information about mechanically (and artfully!) bonding adornments, pin backs and bails to your creations and also how to put a lovely back on your piece.  Please join me for an exciting and fun day of New Age Bargello exploration! NOTE: This photo is representative of the technique and not the project.   To register for Jana’s workshop, download registration form here.
BENZON  “Taking Flight”, Dimensional Cut-work

Come set yourself free with Jana in a workshop that will allow you to spread your creative wings and take flight!  We’ll begin by creating a multi-hued decorative sheet of clay, and then add interesting dimension; once this ‘base’ is set, you’ll be ready to do some cut-work, and next proceed with bending and twisting your way to a beautiful brooch or pendant, one that appears to be winging its way into the horizon!  So many new and innovative tricks and tips will be interspersed throughout the workshop, including valuable techniques for setting stones with mechanical bond (not glue), so they’ll be permanently fixed.   You’ll also learn to use alcohol inks to create a batik or tie-die effect – this instruction will include a demo on Jana’s  “chanced upon” technique for creating a permanent alcohol ink surface (without the use of any sealers or liquid clay – not an easy accomplishment!)….it’ll be one of those ‘worth the price of admission’ moments!  Can’t wait to see ya’ll in my class….join me as I take flight into the New Year of 2012!! To register for Jana’s conference workshop, download registration form here.




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