29 09 2011

This year, Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2012 brings us lots of color and a variety of polymer clay techniques in addition to wireworking, silversmithing, and enameling.  E0ight pre-conference workshops and twelve conference workshops are being offered for your creative pleasure!

Pre-conference begins 17 Feb. 2012 and we will be offering a two-day masterclass with Jeffrey Lloyd Dever and seven full-day workshops with each of the following incredibly talented instructors: Jana Roberts Benzon, Lindly Haunani, Barbara Lewis, Liz Potter Hall, Nan Roche, Marie Segal, and Sarah Shriver.  

The rest of the creative fun begins on Sunday, 19 Feb., the conference begins and will offer twelve unique workshops and nineteen opportunities to get the creative muse working again!  Instructors include: Blair Anderson, Jana Roberts Benzon, Lindly Haunani, Linda Hess, Doreen Kassel, Shannon Nelson, Kathryn Jo Ottman, Lynne Anne Schwarzenberg, Marie Segal, Sarah Shriver, and Laura Tabakman.

In addition, two(2) lucky attendees will receive a $200 partial scholarship toward their conference registration fee* , but you must register to be entered to win. Don’t wait, come join us!  (*Note: Does not cover pre-conference.)

To register, download registration forms here.  

For full listing workshop offerings, download descriptions here.


DEVER – A PERFECT UNION: When Wire Meets Clay (Pre-conference)

This two-day workshop employs wire-working and polymer clay form building techniques to create innovative small-scale sculptural forms in jewelry.  First we will fabricate wire frame armatures and complete basket forms with a tinkered wire-wrapping technique. Next, we will explore original polymer clay forms through staged clay layering and multi-cycle curing to complete pieces.  Finally, we’ll look at finishing techniques with an emphasis on an array of surface ornamentation options. This is a technique workshop, not a project class, therefore all students should have a basic working knowledge of polymer clay. There will be a small kit fee for this workshop. To register for Jeff’s workshop, download registration form here

BENZON-Bargello Style Woven Bracelet

ROBERTS BENZON  – “New Age Bargello”; Taking It to the Next Level (Pre-conference)

From the moment I first began creating this new, updated version of Bargello, I’ve looked forward to the day when I’d be able to teach it – how excited I am that I’ll have the opportunity to spend a full day with you prior to Cabin Fever, sharing this ‘out of the box’ technique!  These new pieces have been referred to as (looking like) beadwork, woven textile, leather and even ceramic…regardless, it can be turned into any finished art project you can conjure!  In our workshop, we’ll create a brooch pin or pendant (and even earrings, if there is time).  We will begin our day by creating a multi-process, dimensional ‘sheet’ (during which you’ll no doubt have many ah-ha moments and learn some really great, new ‘tricks’!); after the lunch break, we’ll turn that sheet into patterned Bargello – you’ll have the opportunity to choose which pattern you’d like to create (or come up with one of your own!).  We’ll then create the finished brooch or pendant,  with instruction that includes loads of information about mechanically (and artfully!) bonding adornments, pin backs and bails to your creations and also how to put a lovely back on your piece.  Please join me for an exciting and fun day of New Age Bargello exploration! NOTE: This photo is representative of the technique and not the project.   To register for Jana’s workshop, download registration form here.

HAUNANI - IKat Leaves

HAUNANI – Rainbow Ikat Leaves (Pre-conference)

Ikat, is the method of weaving that uses a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft fibers. Ikat is also a fabulous pattern that can be made as a cane using polymer clay stripe blends. Learn how to make Lindly’s version of an Ikat blend cane that uses extruded elements to intensify value contrasts that will make your cane really “pop.

Strategies for designing your leaves, including contrasting vein patterns and outlining options will be demonstrated, along with suggestions on how to make your leaves more three dimensional.  To register for Lindly’s workshop, download registration form here.

LEWIS - Painting With Fire Beads

LEWIS – Painting with Fire – Torch-Fired Enamel Beads and Pendants (Pre-conference)

Using this affordable, easy and fun approach, we will enamel over 50 beads and several pendants. Learn how to manipulate the flame to create darkened edges, smoky hazes, and enamel flows. We’ll do some super-cool things like embed wire shapes and copper gears into our enamel pendants. You’ll experience the joy of color as you choose from over 35 enamels … use them all during this workshop so that you’ll learn what you like!

You will have your own workstation where your torch will be securely clamped to the table … no handheld torches here! We will disprove the notion that only copper, silver and gold can be readily enameled. We will be enameling a wide range of bead styles and designs using basic and striking color combinations.
A comprehensive 8-page tutorial, which is the foundation of her book, “Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry: a Workshop in Painting with Fire,” will be provided for you at the workshop. It takes you step-by-step through the workshop so that you can recreate this experience when you go back home. Barbara offers moral support and technical support at, where you’ll meet over 1,300 friendly members excited about torch firing, so join her at the “ning” while you await the workshop.  For other sources of inspiration, visit Barbara’s book website, All workshop materials will be provided.  The materials fee is $35 payable to instructor at beginning of class. Students will bring nothing but themselves!  To register for Barbara’s class, download registration form here.

POTTER HALL - Heart-shaped Fillable Form

POTTER HALL – Fillable Forms (Pre-conference)

Creating unique, one-of-a-kind fillable forms with PMC is a specialty of Liz Potter Hall’s.  Her organic and graphic forms are easily identifiable and sought after.  For the first time in this full day workshop, Liz has agreed to share her vision, tricks and tips to teach you how to create your very own fillable form to use with your polymer clay work, resin, etc.. Join us in welcoming Liz…you don’t want to miss it!  There will be a kit fee TBA.  To register for Liz’s workshop, download registgration form here.

ROCHE - Leatherworking Tile

ROCHE – Chasing and Leatherwork with Polymer Clay (Pre-conference)

Chasing is a metalworking technique that forms a raised or dimensional design by pushing down or compressing the metal, leather or polymer around the edges of an image, “raising” the image. The inspirations for this class are the techniques used in leatherworking, a form of chasing.  We will be creating a pendant or pin using chasing by transferring a design onto the clay surface. Then, using a variety of tools of many shapes and textures we will press down around the design, causing the design to be raised. We will experiment with layered clay using this technique and will also add details onto our raised images. We will be sanding and buffing to  a high shine with sandpaper or using 0000 steel wool to give a matte surface. I will also teach my approach to using rubber cording.  This class is suitable for all skill levels.

 To register for Nan’s workshop, download registration form here.

SEGAL - All Wired Up Samples

SEGAL – All Wired Up (Pre-Conference)

You’ll get wired as Marie teaches you to play with wire and learn some of her unique ideas for using wire with polymer clay. The workshop is geared primarily toward creating earring and findings, but you will also explore a plethora of techniques marrying wire and polymer clay to make your own mini pieces of art to wear, gift and sell.

Marie joins us this year as the 2012 Creative Pioneer and Innovator honoree.  Join her as she shares her years of experience with you.   To register for Marie’s workshop, download registration form here.

SHRIVER-Braided Cane

SHRIVER – Textile Inspired Canes (Pre-conference)

Get ready to hone your caning skills!  We’ll build a variety of beads using canes constructed in class from skinner blended sheets of clay. Using shadows and highlights as well as repetition of some basic shapes, we’ll be able to mimic the look of folded undulating fabric. In addition to my humble pearls of wisdom, the class will focus on detailed color development, refined construction and finishing techniques intended to help you raise the bar on your own work.  To register for Sarah’s workshop, download registration form here.


ANDERSON – Introduction to Silversmithing for the Polymer Clay Artist (4-hour workshop)

Don’t be afraid of fire! Learn traditional Silversmithing techniques while creating a beautiful piece of Sterling Silver Jewelry. This workshop walks you through the basic principles of the fine art of Silversmithing including the use of a torch, soldering, hammering and the setting of cabochon stones in a traditional silver bezel with a twist…creating a Polymer Clay Cabochon to set in your new creation! Material fee $35 includes all your silver.

To register for the conference and Blair’s workshop, download registraion form here. 


BENZON  “Taking Flight”, Dimensional Cut-work

Come set yourself free with Jana in a workshop that will allow you to spread your creative wings and take flight!  We’ll begin by creating a multi-hued decorative sheet of clay, and then add interesting dimension; once this ‘base’ is set, you’ll be ready to do some cut-work, and next proceed with bending and twisting your way to a beautiful brooch or pendant, one that appears to be winging its way into the horizon!  So many new and innovative tricks and tips will be interspersed throughout the workshop, including valuable techniques for setting stones with mechanical bond (not glue), so they’ll be permanently fixed.   You’ll also learn to use alcohol inks to create a batik or tie-die effect – this instruction will include a demo on Jana’s  “chanced upon” technique for creating a permanent alcohol ink surface (without the use of any sealers or liquid clay – not an easy accomplishment!)….it’ll be one of those ‘worth the price of admission’ moments!  Can’t wait to see ya’ll in my class….join me as I take flight into the New Year of 2012!! To register for Jana’s conference workshop, download registration form here.

HAUNANI – Rainbow Roll Necklace (4-hour workshop)

Join Lindly as she walks you through making a rainbow Skinner blend, with an emphasis on your favorite colors, which will be combined with a black and white stripe cane to make your personalized version of a Rainbow Roll Necklace.

Learn how to add impact to your work with increased color confidence while learning several valuable skills for working with polymer clay. You will learn strategies for designing and mixing cohesive color schemes, including how to choose a level of saturation within your comfort zone.  Strategies for intensifying, softening or muting your blend will be demonstrated, along with several options for forming your beads.

In addition to the basic supply list- please bring a set of Kemper circle cutters, four ounces of well- conditioned scrap clay and your two magical hands.  To register for Lindly’s conference workshop, download registration form here.

HESS – Belt Bonanza (4-hour workshop)

What is the best thing to complete an outfit?  Why the perfect accessory!  I have been creating belts for multiple years from polymer clay that have even the seasoned clayer amazed.  For this class I will teach a variety of techniques (texturing, painting, stamping, simple caning, etc) that can be turned into components for the perfect belt.  Not a fan of belts?  This class can still be for you!  All techniques can be incorporated into pendants, pins, bracelets, and earrings.  NOTE: This class will only be taught once during CFCF 2012.  To register for Linda’s conference workshop, download registration form here.

KASSEL – Tiny creature pendants (4-hour workshop) Tues. 8AM

In this workshop we’ll create the tiniest, sweetest animal pendants. Starting with a small ball of ultra light clay & an eye pin we’ll use Premo clay to sculpt creatures onto the baked ultra light, creating charming & offbeat the little pendants. After they’ve been baked again, we use a technique of applying, rubbing & reapplying oil paints to achieve a vintage feeling.
Don’t worry if sculpting isn’t your strong suit, my students are so pleasantly surprised by what they’ve been able to sculpt. I break down the steps of creating a three dimensional piece so it’s possible for everyone. NOTE: This workshop will only be taught once during CFCF 2012. To register for Doreen’s workshop, download registration form here.  

KASSEL – Personal Journal Tiles (4-hour workshop) Wed. 8AM

We will be creating our own journal narratives sculpturally on a tile. Think of what you want to say, what’s important to you, who & what you love, remember, etc. This tile is a self portrait including my happiness, stress, loved ones, a bit of history visible only to me.
It’s a fun exercise, it’s always a surprise to see what comes out when we let our thoughts & feelings out on the page, or in this case, the tile. Using Premo, sculpted in relief over a ceramic tile & painted with oil paints in multiple steps, we’ll use color, texture & design, as always, to create a beautiful, personal piece of art.  NOTE: This workshop will only be taught once during CFCF 2012.  To register for Doreen’s workshop, download registration form here.

NELSON – Beaded Kumihimo (4-hour workshop)

Kumihimo is a type of Japanese braiding and is often combined with beads to make beautiful jewelry. It’s become very popular with jewelry artists in the last few years and Shannon is bringing us our first taste of it to CFCF 2012.  The term Kumihimo in the Japanese language literally translates to (kumi) ”coming together” of (himo) “threads”.

In this workshop you’ll learn the basics of creating a beautiful strand of kumihimo with beads added to the strand for a bracelet.  The technique can also be used to make necklaces, lariats, etc. which pair nicely with polymer clay pendants and beads.  Join us for this exciting new addition to our line-up. NOTE: This workshop will only be taught once during CFCF 2012. To register for Shannon’s workshop, download registration form here

OTTMAN: Wavy and Fiber Style Bracelets

OTTMAN – Wavy and Fiber Style Bangles (4-hour workshop)

These lovely bangles are eye-catching conversation pieces.  Join Kathryn as she shares this technique for the first time.  Developed over 7 years ago, it uses polymer in a way that might surprise you.  The organic look and feel will take you on a journey to the rainforest, the ocean floor, and over the rainbow!  This class will only be taught once during the Fest, so be certain to register early.   NOTE: This workshop will only be taught once during CFCF 2012.   To register for Kathryn’s workshop, download registration form here.



SCHWARZENBERG – One Cane Flowers (4-hour workshop)

There is often great beauty in simplicity. What could be simpler than a gorgeous flower created with just one simple but stunning and versatile cane?  Lynne Ann will teach students how to create, reduce, and slice her signature “brushstroke petal” cane.  Students will use their hands and various tools to shape and transform their petals.  Learn to construct a non-stick baking form for gentle curvature of the petals, creating a beautiful dimensional flower.  Lynne Ann will also cover a variety of options for flower centers and a pre-bake smoothing technique that virtually eliminates the need to sand.  Want a bit more pizzazz to your piece?  Students can swap a piece of their cane with another student for a two-color flower.  In class we will create pendants, but Lynne Ann will demonstrate a very strong and attractive way to add a pin back as well. To register for Lynne Ann’s workshop, download registration form here.

SEGAL: Unzipped Heart 3

SEGAL- Unzipped Heart (4-hour workshop)

This will the first time Marie will be teaching these Unzipped hearts to anyone. You will play with design ideas and make an unzipped heart pendant.

She will share with you all of her secrets and techniques for one of her most popular designs ever.  1. How to make and add the pendant bail. 2.Stamping the heart on both the front and the back at the same time and how to do with several methods. 3. Molding and making the zipper. 4. Adding the zipper to the pendant.  5. Finishing and detailing the pendant.

Come play with her and learn how to make these wonderful pendants with all the detail and finish them like she does. There will be a kit fee for this class TBA.  To register for Marie’s workshop, download registration form here.

SHRIVER: Reverse Inlay Pin

SHRIVER – Reverse Inlay Pin (4-hour workshop)

Here’s a new way to make your clay POP.  You’ll build up complex veneers using traditional Skinner blends combined with “reverse-inlays”. Sarah will cover principals on how to control and play with the colors in your blends, as well as additional ways of building graphic interest by adding lines and dots of contrast. You’ll also explore some new shapes and different methods for constructing and finishing a well-crafted piece.  To register for Sarah’s workshop,download registration form here.

TABAKMAN-Polymer Pendants

TABAKMAN – Polymer Clay Pendants (4-hour workshop)

In this class students will complete a beautiful organic-looking pendant.  We will be working on developing a vocabulary of simple elements constructed with basic canes with which students can assemble your pendant according to different configurations. Students will learn how to use wire to put it all together. If time permits more than one configuration may be finished in class. This class is suitable for students of all levels. Start developing your color palette!  To register for Laura’s workshop, download registration form here.



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