CFCF 2011: Spotlight on Instructor Ronna Sarvas Weltman

26 01 2011

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Ronna returns to Cabin Fever Clay Fest for the second time in two years.  She lives in Bellevue, Washington, with her husband Jordan and two sons. Her work is uniquely “Ronna” and it is obvious that she loves what she does and enjoys sharing her techniques with her students.
“I discovered that art is uplifting and even regenerative – works of beauty inspire all of us to see the best in the world, and look for more. This inspires us to create – sometimes by making the world more beautiful through art, sometimes by making the world a better place by seeing the potential in others, and working to make our earth a better place for all of us.  Beautiful jewelry is a celebration of color, form and texture, and whimsy and grace. Wearing beautiful jewelry not only enables us to celebrate art in our daily life, but share it with those around us.”
Ronna will be teaching: Wireworking for Polymer Clay Artists on Tues. 22 Feb. at 8:00AM and Wed. 23 Feb. at 1:00PM.  If you are tired of paying for store-bought mass-produced clasps, learn how to make a variety of clasps that are a beautiful part of the overall design rather than looking like an afterthought. In this class, students will also learn how to make their own earwires, headpins and eyepins for earrings and other jewelry applications, and how to finish a necklace with museum-quality techniques, including making crimp covers with wire and using wire embellishments on leather and fabric cording. Students will also learn how to antique wire with liver of sulfur. Don’t worry if you’ve never worked with wire before. Ronna will get you up and running!
To register for CFCF and Ronna’s workshop, click here for the registration form.
You can learn more about Ronna’s work by visiting Youtube here, here, and here.




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