CFCF 2011: Spotlight on Instructor Lorrene Baum Davis

18 01 2011

DAVIS: Stone setting project

Lorrene says, “I began creating work in the crib with crayons on rubber sheets and on the walls… and mud pies in the back yard: I have never stopped creating what I consider art. Classes in art studies, professional schools and self–teaching have been a major part of my life’s bliss. I have a great love of the metals and clays, and those two mediums draw me into working with them because of their malleability and their permanence. Glass fusing is my most recent art form and I am setting my original glass designs into pure silver textured rings. I have found that there is not enough time to design and make everything I imagine.

“The clays, precious metals and polymer enable me to produce organic forms with great textures and colors. When working with the the fused glass – I am a constructionist – the crisp geometrical edges jump out of my designs. All three mediums allow me to continue to be a maker of one–of–a–kind pieces of wearable art.

She is one of eight Master Instructors in Art Clay Silver (USA), and teaches Certification workshops to future Level I and Senior Instructors… She is now on the faculty of the Revere Academy as one of their Metal Clay instructors.

DAVIS:  Stone setting in Metal Clay (Sat.)

This seven hour workshop will focus on making  four different kinds of stone settings. The stones will be set in a Studio Sampler that can be worn as a pendant or used a reference tool in the studio.  To register for Lorrene’s workshop, click here for the registration form.

Class kit ($95.00) includes:

  • Lorrene’s book “Setting Gemstones into Metal Clay and Making a Wearable Studio Sampler”
  • Bezel set small round stone
  • Bezel set too large of a stone for metal thickness
  • Marquise set stone
  • Flush set stone
  • 27 grams of Art Clay Silver Slow Dry clay




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