CFCF 2011: Spotlight on Instructor Doreen Kassel

9 01 2011

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Doreen Kassel is a truly inspired artist and her work shows it.  Her whimsical creatures take me back to the days of childhood and the story of the three little pigs.  She comes from a background of children’s book illustration and was inspired by love of E.H. Shepard, (The Wind in the Willows illustrator), William Holbrook Beard, anthropomorphism without sugar, vintage toys and all the old and wonderful books and beasts of her youth, lovingly given to her by her Grandma and Aunt.  This year, she was selected as a NICHE award finalist with her piece called ‘Bear Hug’. The beast is part of a group called ‘The League of Uncommon Creatures’, with  this, their credo…

Sartorially splendid, well mannered & fair,

possessed of warm hearts & an elegant air.

Wry-humored, intelligent, merry & blessed,

unflinching & valiant when put to the test.

The Pig, the Fox, the Rabbit, the Bear,

seek beasts to apply, who are brave, true & rare.

Her CFCF 2011 pre-conference workshop is entitled “Vintage Texturing and Sculpting/ Tile Stories.’ In her workshop, you will learn to create the vintage looks that bring you back to the romance of old illustration, toys of a simpler era and the colors of pressed flowers.

Using a tile as a starting point we’ll sculpt in relief, use ‘undercutting’ to create deep linear definition, texturing for lighter variations in line. There are wonderful ‘accidents’ that turn into lovely surprises. I often add banners of text, adding more contrast & charm. We’ll back the tile with felt & add a pretty vintage-style ribbon for hanging.

The painting technique involves applying oil paint, rubbing, & wiping in several steps. The way the image emerges as the steps progress is truly exciting!

This is the first ever offering of this workshop…don’t miss it!  There’s still spaces available for you to attend her workshop.  For registration information and form, click here…time is running out!  Don’t miss your chance!



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