PCCAF Midwest 2010: Instructor Nan Roche

19 09 2010

ROCHE: Japanese Kashi Gata Necklaces

ROCHE: Japanese Molds: Antique carvings

Nan has been working with polymer clay since the late ’80s and is the author of the very first book written on the subject, “The New Clay”. In Feb. 2010, she received the first, Creative Pioneer and Innovator Award.  She is bringing her years of experience and wonderful talent to the Midwest for the first time in years, so don’t miss your chance of learning from one of the best and brightest … eager to share her experience with all. Her workshop, Japanese Molds, Antique Carvings, is a wonderful class for everyone interested in the beauty of Japanese design.  We will be using 100 year old Japanese Kashi Gata molds that were traditionally used for a special kind of sweet cookie for celebrations.  The clay will be worked using mokume gane layering and a technique that allows you work with these often very deep molds.  We will make one piece using a collage of images from some of my smaller carvings. I will have castings of some of the molds so that images can both be raised from the surface and sunk below the surface. I will have some antique texturing molds to use as well. We will learn about sanding and polishing and other finishing techniques that I like to use.  My approach to findings using rubber cording to assemble pieces will also be taught. Now is your chance to work with these wonderful molds and a Japanese sensibility!!!! To register for the Polymer Clay and Creative Arts Fest in Weston, Wisconsin, 21-24 Oct., please click here or on the registration link above to download the registration forms and get them in as soon as possible.  Registration deadline is 10 October 2010.




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