PCCAF Midwest 2010: Instructor Grant Diffendaffer

17 09 2010

DIFFENDAFFER: Recursive Bead

DIFFENDAFFER: Recursive Bead Workshop

In addition to getting married this summer and continuing to create his wonderful beads and polymer items, Grant has been involved with some very  interesting and progressive art projects.  Last summer, he took part in the making and assembly of the Raygun Gothic Rocketship and in 2007, the Steampunk Treehouse.  Can’t wait to see what he’s been up to in 2010!

He has been making his signature “recursive” beads for a while, so it is a treat for all to learn his methodical methods of creating these organic looking beads of clay.

It’s the bead that built itself. This simple technique, when repeated in layers and with small variations quickly results in a multiplicity of complicated and beautiful textured shapes. Students can turn these forms into beads as you go, as models for molding silver clay, polymer, or other materials, or just use them as tools as you play with the endless variety of forms that flow forth.

You will begin by creating and transforming texture sheets using polymer clay, and carving and sculpture tools. You will learn how to make smoothly domed forms in any shape. Then, using Grant’s latest techniques, students will transform the textures created into dramatic and deeply textured three dimensional form. Starting small and progressing towards larger shapes, will learn how to use the shapes created to modify each other and evolve them using sculpture techniques.

This technique is a great low pressure way to just play with clay and get creativity levels flowing. Class will begin by making tools using scrap clay, so you won’t have to be concerned about whether you are in the process of creating a special piece of art. This workshop will teach you to move quickly and get into the flow of the process.  After getting warmed up, color will be added and you will begin transforming your work into beautiful beads (which are great for pins too!).  This workshop is a combination die forming, mold making, sculptural techniques and alchemy and Grant believes it’s the most fun you will ever have.




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