PCCAF Midwest 2010: Instructor Julie Eakes: Falling for Caning!

13 09 2010

Eakes: Caning Examples

For those who don’t know Julie, she is an extremely gifted and talented artist.  I first met her when she attended the very first Cabin Fever Clay Festival in 2008.  She came as an attendee, just as eager as the other to learn from the experts.  She’s come a long way in those few short years and is now becoming a caning expert in polymer clay.  Some may have seen her face canes and extruded face canes…truly a work of art.  Well, now is your opportunity to learn from Julie, her techniques and inspiration.

She has been working with polymer clay for over five years.  Her professional experience has been as a computer modeler and animator in the late ’90s, as she created a computer adventure game, Morpheus. She says that her experience has helped her visualize and produce her very intricate polymer clay canes.

Her specialty is face canes and the variety of ways of presenting the image in canework.  She teaches her face cane classes around the country aas she continues to explore new possibilities in caning.  She was a winner in this year’s IPCA Progress and Possibilities and her work has been included in several books and publications.  Her blog has info on her current work and goings-on.

Eakes: Face Cane

Julie will teach how to make three different complex looking canes from the same “basic” cane.  She chose these Fall colors to go along with the time of year.  Students will need to have a basic knowledge of polymer clay, including making skinner blends and skinner blend jelly rolls.  Although the ending canes appear complex they are really made from a more basic cane.  She will show students how to build the core “basic” cane and then how to create three new canes from that core cane.  Students will leave with the three color coordinated canes. Along the way, they will learn some great cane building tips.

It will require students to bring quite a lot of preconditioned clay. As with all caning there is waste and when you are making three from one there is three times the waste.  In order to complete the canes in the four hours students will have to bring some pre-constructed canes.  Nothing complex, maybe a skinner blend jelly roll and some bulls eye canes.  For the registration form, click on the “Registration” tab on the http://www.polymerclayfests.wordpress.com site.




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