PCCAF Midwest: Tory Hughes – FANTASIA!

15 08 2010

Hughes: FANTASIA - Mixed Media workshop

HUGHES: Instructor’s Choice: Mixed Media Project

Tory Hughes has been engaging us on many different levels of creativity over the years, and she is once again bringing her knowledge, skills, and creative coaching to the Fest to help students develop and understand their own creative process.

This mixed media workshop will explore all crevices to extract the artist within. See Tory’s description below and visit her website at www.toryhughes.com when you have some time to spare.


Fast, fecund, and fun!

Free-for-all exploration of mixed media and polymer to provide you plenty to play around with over the long winter months.

We will make a small talismanic wall piece or large amuletic brooch, depending on your tastes, incorporating a little something from many categories.

Polymer, paper, fabric, metal, wire, and the ubiquitous found object all appear and have a place. When you identify and master your own aesthetic, you can work confidently in any medium. On the way you will learn: what glues to use with what, how to set a theme that links the different media together, how to layer and conceptualize the use of a variety of materials, and all sorts of other hidden and exposed secrets to mixed media.

I’ll do my best to get you through the whole process in four short hours (espresso?) Your prepared beginning predicts your completion > Come with everything ready!




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