CFCF 2010: The Blizzard of 2010 has arrived!

6 02 2010

Cabin Fever Clay Fest is less than two weeks away and I am so glad…the blizzard of 2010 is giving me some time to get caught up on much needed paper work and clay time (as long as the electricity continues! – it’s flickered off and on several times already this morning.)

The 1st part of the blizzard began yesterday morning with light snow and not much accumulation.  Then, the big one hit and overnight, we gained about 22 inches of snow here.  The photos above were taken this morning at about 8:15AM.  The fence posts you see in the photo are about 4 feet high.  I attempted to walk down the sidewalk, but as in my days living in Wisconsin, I get stuck when the snow comes up nearly to my hips!  It makes it difficult to move your legs!  The second blast has already begun and they are calling for another 10-20 inches before the days out.  Looks like instead of a snow day, it will be a snow week…lucky me! 

Believe it or not, that is my car in the middle of the photo under the snow…again, this was at 8:15 this morning and it is still snowing at 12:40.

In the meantime, I thought I’d give you some links for projects that might inspire you.  Send me photos of your projects and we may post on our blog!



One response

9 02 2010
Lindly Haunani

It is 2-09 here- I didn’t have power from Friday night until Monday afternoon = huge storm. I was watching channel seven news at noon and Jeffery Lloyd Dever (along with Kay his wife and their dog) were featured as the “human interest” story… still no electricity as of today! Hope their power is restored prior to tonight’s storm.

Hope the weather is warm and dry for CFCF 2010! See everyone soon- Lindly Haunani

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