CFCF 2010 Pre-Conference Instructor: Jana Roberts Benzon

20 10 2009
Benzon Laser Cut Pendants

Benzon Laser Cut Pendants

For the past five years or so, Jana Roberts Benzon has continued to reinvent herself through her work, each a little piece of art.  She first brought us her Arabesque technique, then her Sea Sculptures, and now she brings us her new “Laser Cut” technique.
In this exciting workshop, you’ll learn Jana’s technique for what she’s labeled “Laser Cut”.  Dramatic and geometric, with depth and seeming aged history, this technique lends itself to so many different types of jewelry or artwork.  Learn to create pieces that have an old world, or even ancient feel, with delicate and yet bold dimensional detailing.  As you create your pendant in class (with the shape of your choosing…circle, square, diamond..whatever!), you’ll see how much fun this new and innovative technique is to play with!  You can bring your own canes (such as flowers, leaves, and/or wood grain) to the workshop to implement into your pendant, or use canes that Jana will provide.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn this brand new technique!



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20 10 2009
Nancy Travers

Hi Kathryn — I’ve already registered and am trying to figure out how to add Jana’s class to my program? thanks, nt

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