CFCF 2010: Haunani and Maggio Bring “Color Inspirations” to Cabin Fever

18 10 2009
Polymer Clay Color Inspirations

Polymer Clay Color Inspirations

Haunani Petal Lei Bracelets

Haunani Petal Lei Bracelets

Maggio Poetry Bracelet

Maggio Poetry Bracelet















Both Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio are considered the foremost color experts in the world of polymer clay…they are the “queens” of the rainbow.  With the collaboration and publishing of their new book, “Polymer Clay Color Inspirations“, they are providing step-by-step tutorials and advice to those who may lack inspiration in their color choices or just need a bit of a brush-up on their techniques. They are bringing their expertise to Cabin Fever Clay Fest in February 2010 with two BRAND NEW hands-on workshops, developed especially for CFCF.

Haunani will be teaching her “Petal Lei” bracelet on Saturday (waiting list only) which is on the cover of their book and was recently juried into a gallery exhibition.  Lindly’s color palette has a infinite range and her ability to coax and guide those faint of heart colorists is amazing. 

Maggio, on the other hand, has an inspired sense of creating color blends and uses a more technical and scientific technique to developing your color palette.  Her CFCF workshop on “Poetry Bracelets” is newly developed just for CFCF.  Maggie will help students to create stylish colors and turn them into a piece of art that express mood and emotion –  to wear proudly on their arm.

To register for Cabin Fever Clay Fest 2010 in Laurel, Maryland, click here.




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