CFCF 2010 Conference Instructors: Maureen Carlson

2 09 2009
Maureen Carlson

Maureen Carlson

Maureen has been working in polymer clay for over 30 years and inspiration for her work comes from all around her…the magical mysteries of the world.  On her blog, she says “I’ve always delighted in seeing faces in the things around me, like in clouds and in the grain of wood and hiding in the crevices of stones. I realize that’s probably because I, as a human being, am trying to see my own species reflected in everything I see. But it surely is fun.”   She also shares, “I’m going to use a phrase, rather than the words innovative or original, to express my creative goal.  What I strive for is to imbue my work with ‘the quality of being alive.’  For me that means that there is an energy inherent in the piece, due to a combination of factors, that calls forth an answering hum within me.  When that hum starts a-humming, then I know that I’m immersed in the creative process.”

Stackables: Sculpture in Motion

A wonderful sense of fulfillment will occupy your spirit when finished with Maureen’s workshop.  Using polymer clay, threaded rods, face push molds, metal stamps, paints, powders, words, intention, and plenty of introspection, students will create a sculpture that expresses an idea, mood or personal message.  Watch out world!

Carlson - Stackables

Carlson - Stackables




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