CFCF 2010 Conference Instructors: Sarah Nelson Shriver

14 08 2009
Sarah Nelson Shriver

Sarah Nelson Shriver

Sarah is an accomplished polymer clay artist and teacher who graduated from the University of California at Davis in 1983 with a bachelor’s degree in art. In 1986 she was employed in a fabric and art supply store in San Francisco where she first began working with polymer clay. Since 1989 she has been working full time out of her home/studio in San Rafael using the mille fiori, or caning technique to make intricately patterned beads, buttons, and jewelry. Her background in textiles is evident in her designs, which were described in an Ornament Magazine review as “meticulous, delicate, and elegant”.  Sarah has been recognized as a pioneer and master of her craft and has participated in a number of juried and invitational exhibits and shows.  She loves to teach and has taught all over nationally in the U.S. and internationally including Israel, France, and other European countries. Her work can be seen at

Sarah brings her expertise with intricate caning techniques to Maryland for the sixth year in a row.   Students will use principles of tessellation (… think M.C. Escher…) to build a simple and striking cane that can be puzzled with itself to create ongoing patterns that tile together infinitely.  Students will make beads and/or tiles and explore the fantastic world of tessellation.

Shriver-Tessilated bead

Shriver-Tessilated bead




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