CFCF 2010 Pre-conference Instructors: Cindy Silas

6 08 2009
Cindy Silas

Cindy Silas

Cindy has always been an artist, spending much of her youth drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, and as a teenager in the 70’s, doing macramé.  She chose the business art of graphic design as a profession, while continuing to explore other arts mediums, such as watercolor and photography.  In 2003, she picked up a book about polymer clay and began creatively exploring the art form.  More recently, she began exploring silver clay and has become focused on combining the two versatile mediums to create art jewelry.
Her experience in the arts has been rich, collecting what each individual medium has to offer.  Each explored medium has added to her sense of design and love of color, not to mention adding to the overflow of supplies in her home studio.  She believes life is an adventure, and that there is so much left to do…see…try.  Her goals are to move forward, to explore, innovate, and continue to share the creative genius that is in all of us through her art, teaching and publishing.

 Enamel Illusions
 Come and learn a new technique with Cindy that allows you to add color to silver clay, giving you the illusion

Silas-Enamel Illusions

Silas-Enamel Illusions

of glass enamel! In this workshop, you will use texture stamps and carving to create a silver clay pendant. After it’s fired, you will learn the necessary steps to create a genuine sparkle that will showcase whatever color combination you desire. Cindy will cover a variety of materials available, what works best and why, then will demonstrate the painting strategies that she developed through experience. Finally, you’ll have fun painting with transparent color and UV resin. Walk away with a new technique, fresh inspiration, and a gorgeous new pendant.




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