CFCF 2010 Pre-conference Instructors: Maggie Maggio

5 08 2009
Maggie Maggio
Maggie Maggio

Maggie Maggio is a nationally known polymer clay artist who has studied color for over thirty years. Her experience with unraveling the complexity of color inspired her to develop “Smashing Color Theory” workshops that weave together the freedom of instinct and the structure of color theory. Trained as an architect and interior designer, Maggie splits her time between the upstairs architectural studio and the downstairs art studio. Watch for the August release of Maggie’s and co-author, Lindly Haunani’s book, “Polymer Clay Color Inspirations: Techniques and Jewelry Projects for Creating Successful Palettes“.

Poem Bracelets

Maggio Poem Bracelet

Maggio-Poem Bracelet

Maggie brings her well-honed sense of color to this workshop.  In it, you will combine Skinner Blends and the Watercolor techniques to make bangles that focus on expressing your mood and emotion.   The bangle form is intentionally kept very simple to allow time to explore use of color to create your very own wearable form of poetry.  Students will learn basic and advanced versions of both techniques while playing with colors and patterns designed to reflect your favorite poems.  Most important teachings from this workshop – exploring your personal reactions to colors!




2 responses

5 10 2010
rhoma stevens

am enjoying your wonderful instructions….have been beading for a few years gone into silver but am delighted with the colours of polymer clay…thankyou Rhoma

5 10 2010
rhoma stevens

meant to say I live in Australia…

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