More on CFCF 2009 Pre-conference workshops-NAN ROCHE and KELLY RUSSELL

5 01 2009
Nan Roche

Nan Roche

 Nan Roche is author of the first book about polymer clay entitled “The New Clay” published by Flower Valley Press. Hers was the first book to compile all the available information about polymer clay. Nan has taught nationally and brings her humor and wit once again to Cabin Fever nan-roche-14Clay Fest.  She will be teaching one of the two pre-conference workshops on Sunday, 22 Feb. 2009.  Her work has been published in many polymer clay books and she continues to work on her second book (we are all anxiously awaiting the publication date!)




Kelly Russell

Kelly Russell

 Kelly Russell has been working in polymer clay for 18 years and has been beading on and off for the last 10. She likes to combine many different media in her work and was introduced to PMC in 2005. She had the good fortune to study with Celie Fago who told her to stop working in whatever other media she was working in and concentrate on metal clay. Images of her work were circulated to other PMC artists including Tim McCrieght.  Her work was noticed by the Mitsubishi Corporation and one of her necklaces was included in their collection for an 8 month tour of Japan. She was included in the first PMC conference invitational show and has had several articles published in Art Jewelry Magazine, Bead Unique, and Beadwork and is currently working on a book for Bead and Button. Her workPMC and Polymer has also been included in several books and she teaches across the country and sells her work at shows across the country.  To see more of her work, visit her website at




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