CFCF 2009 – A word about Kathryn Ottman

14 12 2008
Kathryn Ottman

Kathryn Ottman

Coming from a large family with eight children in Northern Wisconsin, I found the best way to entertain myself was to put my creative mind to work and use my hands.  I began making small animal sculptures with modelling clay at age 7 and graduated in to wire sculptures in high school.  Making a move from Wisconsin to Maryland a few years out of high school, I needed something relaxing to fill the gap between working a fulltime job and working nearly fulltime on my bachelor’s degree.  So I taught myself how to knit and crochet and took drawing and painting classes at the University.  Now the real me was emerging.  Shortly after graduating with a major in Business Administration and minor in Fine Arts, I took a 3 week trip to Europe visiting some of the more notable sites in France, Austria, and Germany… particulary enjoying the Louvre.  My passion for art was secured.
My career took me into the field of non-profit fundraising, which I have been doing
Feathercane Mask

Feathercane Mask

for nearly 16 years.  In early 2000, a Klutz children’s book on polymer clay caught my interest and I began teaching shortly thereafter. My teaching has taken me nationally and has allowed me to participate in numerous juried shows.  It is teaching I enjoy most, so come join me at Cabin Fever Clay Fest! 




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