CFCF 2009 … Christi Friesen …definitely an original!

28 11 2008

 Christi Friesen     Christi has been in Maryland to teach several times before as well…and she is always a hoot!  Lots of fun and tons of energy.  She definitely LOVES what she is doing.  She’s been traveling a lot recently, so I pulled the following from her website to give you a bit more insight on her psyche.  If you don’t have her books yet, you should definitely think about it…fun in every page.

     From her website: Christi Friesen was born at a very young age, kidnapped and raised by lemmings. She escaped to California where she got married, had various wonderful kids, and amassed credit card bills. She is currently considering having a midlife crisis, unless there’s something good on television.
     CF works in mixed media, combining polymer clay, glass, acrylic, found objects, gemstones and semi-precious stones, glass beads, pearls, precious metals, and pigments to make her unique sculptures and art jewelry. Her preference for 
 polymer as her sculpting medium is a result of the versatility, Steampunk!durability, and unparalleled ease with which it can accommodate gems, pearls and stones. These are worked into the sculpture while the clay is uncured, thus allowing for a very organic design in which the stones are an integrated into the design. The medium is also colorfast and lightweight.  CF is an artist because she must be. Her goal is to amuse herself, and if others are also amused, so much the better. All her pieces are one-of-a-kind and although she may make pieces that are similar in theme or subject, no two will ever be alike. Where would the fun be in that? She is happy to consider commissioned work if the project interests her.
     CF’s work is available at galleries and juried fine craft shows. She is a contributor to magazines and books. More of her pieces can also be found at



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