CFCF 2009 – Meet Kim Korringa!

17 11 2008
Kim Korringa

Kim Korringa

I’ve been enjoying Kim’s colorful canes for years.  She was a participant at CFCF 2008 and I took the opportunity to ask her if she’d like to teach at CFCF 2009.  After a brief time considering the opportunity, she agreed.  Here’s her PC story as she tells it: “For as long as I can remember, I have been attracted to vivid colors and intricate patterns and detail. As a child I was fascinated by mosaics, quilts and kaleidescopes.  I dabbled in almost every arts and crafts medium throughout my life, and worked for 14 years in Silicon Valley as a technical illustrator, but it was my Mirror Detailpassion for color and pattern that drew me to polymer clay.  I have been working/playing with polymer clay for 15 years now, and though I’ve tried nearly every technique that other artists have pioneered in polymer clay, millefiore caning is my first love.  The intensely saturatated colors and technical detail that I can acheive caning in polymer clay, combined with the wonderful, tactile and childlike experience of working with the clay, is truly satisfying to me.”



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