More about Tony Aquino

18 10 2008
I first met Tony at a PC event and he taught some incredTony Aquinoible techniques using Kato Lquid Clay.  At the time, he was still in the process of developing the colored liquid clay and gave us some samples.  Boy, did I have fun with those!  Since then, many have experimented with the medium and have found some creative ways to use it.  Those attending CFCF 2009 and taking Tony’s workshop have a real treat in store. 

As Tony says:  “I have been involved in the formulation and production of a wide range of products in the art world, from crafts to fine arts for over thirty years. Along the way, I took the time to play and create with them and experience the performance of these products as the artist and consumer would use them.  Polymer clay is the most versatile of all art mediums ever invented. My interest and curiosity has led me to develop original techniques and uses. My goal with polymer clay is to be inventive and sharing.”

TA Pendants

TA Pendants

I got a head full of ideas that are drivin’ me insane …”   Bob Dylan – “Maggie’s Farm”


If you haven’t registered for Tony’s workshop yet, take a look at some of his other work here and here and sign up…you’ll be glad you did!




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