Another Day Closer…

2 10 2008
Workshop Offerings
Workshop Offerings

Wow!  Hard to believe that it’s been just under 5 days since registration opened and we are nearly 1/3 full already!  We’ve already got some attendees returning from last year and even a couple of dear Brits coming from the U.K.  Our wonderful teachers are gearing up for their holiday shows and classes, but will be ready to go once the New Year comes around. 

For those looking for a bit of inspiration, watch this video from Theo Jansen on the art of creating creatures.  The video is a bit long (about 10 minute) but still pretty amazing!



One response

5 10 2008

I know how you feel about an event filling up fast. It took only 8 days for me to fill all 60 places for the Euro Clay Carnival France 2009 event and now I have extended it to a maximum capacity of 80 and still have more on the waiting list!

Would love to be able to travel beyond Europe for some classes but may just have to content myself with organising regular events instead in France!


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